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How Can Construction Recruiters Help You Land The Perfect Job?

Posted on Thursday, December 24th, 2015 at 5:36 am    

Being a construction recruiter is not always easy. These professionals can actually help a firm grow their staff as well as their bottom line. A good recruiter stands out in comparison to a bad one by the amount of sheer hard work and charisma they exude. Good recruiters analyze the skills a person demonstrates to be able to make precise fits with the openings they are working on. The most capable and qualified people will often be the best choice in a construction company.

A good construction recruiter will do all it takes to make sure that he or she merely is not just a supplier of resources but rather a trusted partner. A good recruiter often will not only understand what their client needs, but also what clicks with the candidate. Understanding the unique needs of all parties is the hallmark of a good recruiter in the construction industry. Having a consultative approach is often a great feature of a construction head hunter.

You have to be very particular about the hiring strategy and customize it to the needs of the client. If a company is looking for seasonal construction hires, then they should be playing a specialized role, one that does not just help meet the requirements of the company but also enables the candidate to be attractive in the market.

Remember, that as a construction recruiter, you should be able to partner with both sides of the employment equation. You should be available via email and phone 24 hours per day.

Tips to Apply for Construction Architecture Jobs in California

Posted on Friday, December 18th, 2015 at 5:20 am    

There are several construction architecture jobs in California that can help recent college graduates get broad exposure to the employment landscape. Since the real estate boom of the 1990s and the subsequent recession there has not been much to cheer about lately. Recent architectural graduates from the best schools must be proactive when it comes to their job searches with the top architectural firms. Here are the top tips you should follow when searching for a new job:

1. Do not be discouraged and feel that you should give up. Recent architecture graduates are some of the most intelligent people among all pools of students. Recent job searches can take more than a few months. It is important that you do not get frustrated with the job search given recent forecasts in the building industry.

2. Remember, many companies are hiring people who are fresh out of college and lack work experience. While the construction industry is all about having experienced staff, things may be different when you are a trained architect. Recent grads are more engaged, and often better hires and demand lower starting salaries.

3. Get into a full time job seeking mode, if you want an construction architecture job in California that pays well and is stable. You must network, track new job postings and connect with top industry recruiters.

4. Stay engaged after interviews to get feedback to improve your interviewing skills and stay in touch. Many times employers will be filling jobs you are a fit for even long after your interview so be proactive and stay in touch. You may be surprised when your phone rings long after a formal interview.

The Different Kinds of Construction Employment Service Firms

Posted on Thursday, December 10th, 2015 at 4:44 am    

There are many construction employment firms who recruit for companies looking for an outside resource to add to their internal efforts. There are a large number of recruiters that can be classified into various categories. Each of these categories of construction recruiters offer different kinds of services and for different terms.

1. There are the internal corporate recruiters, who are a part of a larger construction company or are a subsidiary of a parent firm. These human resources employees are usually tasked with carrying out interviews at the employer’s location and do not have any vested interest in hiring for the company. They are concerned with meeting the “time to hire” so that the best possible candidate is hired in the shortest amount of time.

2. There are the external third party recruiters in construction, who are paid a fraction or a percentage of each hire from the company. These independent recruiters have a vested interest in you accepting a job from their client, as most of them get a percentage from the first year’s salary for the candidate which many times equals 33 per cent of the first year’s annual compensation. These kinds of recruiters are motivated to help you get a handsome salary and land the job!

3. There are the temporary staffing agencies, which are often paid by the company to fill temporary, low skilled roles that arise in business. The temporary recruiter will help you get a job for a specified time and are paid by the employer. As a candidate, these recruiters can help you get an hourly rate that is high and help you learn a lot of different types of skills on the job.

4. Retained headhunters are the final kind of recruiters in the construction industry. These recruiters are relatively rare and are paid regardless of a hiring. These recruiters often get the best suitable candidates for senior level management positions.

5 Handy Tips for Heavy Civil Recruiters in Texas

Posted on Friday, December 4th, 2015 at 4:39 am    

Remember, that a corporate heavy civil recruiter in Texas will try their best to actually employ the best talent in the industry. They have a policy of showcasing the best skills and manpower of the company they are hiring for. As a commercial heavy civil recruiter in Texas, you should keep the following in mind.

Highlight the company’s story and engage with candidates directly. Most recruiters in the heavy construction industry feel privileged to tell job seekers about the history of the agency they are recruiting for. As a heavy civil recruiter, you should be able to discuss the mission of the company you are hiring for. The information about the founders of the company, the corporate vision and the work environment are a must for any new heavy civil candidates. If you are aware of the changes in the industry and would like to know about the policies that govern the functioning of the heavy engineering company you are representing you should be able to talk openly with and experienced recruiter.

Just as important as recruiting new talent for construction positions the onboarding process needs to be handled smoothly and efficiently to ensure a new hire adjusts quickly and efficiently. Learning managements rules and the corporate culture will be very important to all new hires. Clearly outlining the communication channels and contacts everyday is central for all human resources managers. All departments within the company should work in tandem so there is a consistent message sent out to all new employees.

Most long time employees who have been part of the organization and have seen building activities for many years become the mentors of the new recruits. These workers can help show the ropes to the new recruits and ensure a good long term fit.

Finally, it is important to set reasonable expectations of all new recruits and also give them a long term purpose and focus after join their new firm. These suggestions will ensure better long term success for all those involved.

Why are Architects in High Demand in the Construction Industry?

Posted on Monday, November 30th, 2015 at 12:58 am    

Architects are designers that help breathe life into designs and strategize what should be used to build homes and buildings. The building industry has plenty of construction architecture jobs, especially in Texas. This area has seen a building boom in recent years and there are several reasons why architects are a valued resource there.

Here are the top reasons why you should enlist the help of an architect:

  • Architects help create value in most building projects. They design and innovate, restore and advise. It is crucial that architects are involved in construction projects throughout the entire building cycle.
  • Most architects help match the needs of the clients and also build designs that are functionally compatible with the local area and geography. Safety procedures are often kept in mind when architects design homes and buildings. This balance is must and is only fulfilled when you enlist the services of a skilled architect. Striking a strong balance between economics and safety is another priority that an architect oversees. If you want to control a project you need to work closely with an experienced architect that understands the plan along with the course of action.
  • Most architects are required to assess the various aspects of selecting a project site. The standards of a project are often set by the architect employed by a construction company. Most building projects undermine the position of an architect and instead focus on commercial and financial considerations. This is not advised for a successful project. Most projects need to be aesthetically pleasing as well as sustainable.

Finally, most architects also help companies negotiate with customers, produce detailed drawings and work with specifications and time lines. Preparing tender applications and presentations are part of the job too. Coordinating with concerned public works departments and local authorities may also seem less daunting if the architect takes on that responsibility. Project management of the job is also a large part of the architect’s responsibilities. Most architects, especially in commercial building projects have a set timeline that he or she adheres to. This time line is better managed and costs handled efficiently when a construction company enlists the help of an experienced and highly skilled architect. To know more about construction architecture jobs in Texas call us @ 214-935-3626.

How to Become a Successful Building Construction Recruiter in New York

Posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2015 at 12:56 am    

Recruiting in the building and construction industry in New York can be a tough job. For most building construction recruiters in New York, the career seems challenging with rewards that are often unattainable. You need to have the right temperament and attributes to be a successful building recruiter in New York.

Here are a few things to remember:

1. If you want to be a successful construction recruiter, you need to be resilient. You have to bounce back from challenges and always have a positive outlook. Many times, a good candidate and a top client may come together and hit it off well. However, things could go wrong in reference checking or a competitor strikes a better deal with the candidate. Top recruiters will learn from such experiences and move on. You need to look beyond current challenges and not dwell on issues out of your control.

2. To be a successful building recruiter, you need to build solid, long lasting relationships. You need to have a certain predisposition to make personal connections with people. The success of a good recruiter is how he or she manages candidates and makes the selection process a positive experience with both the client and the candidate.

3. Helping maintain honesty and integrity is also a very crucial aspect as a successful building construction recruiter in New York. Recruiters often suffer from a perception problem and many often resort to unethical practices when recruiting candidates. You should never be too pushy or put your desires and goals ahead of that of the stakeholders. You should also be a recruiter that is a good listener to overcome challenges.

4. Finally, successful recruiters in the construction industry are good time managers. You should be able to judiciously use your time and focus on goals and productivity. Many times, email can bog down individual recruiters. Remember that responding to emails is part of the overall job and you should be very alert about the turnaround time.

If you want to be a top construction industry recruiter, ensure that you are persistent without being too pushy or even too disingenuous. Build on credibility to help build your brand image.

3 Best Traits of a Successful Construction Staffing Agency

Posted on Monday, November 23rd, 2015 at 2:07 am    

A good construction company always has a good team that supports its vision and function. Most of the time a team of hiring managers is outsourced to a hiring team within a construction staffing firm. Most staffing companies offer the flexibility of having construction projects staffed even through peak seasons.

They also provide replacement talent at times of injury or unforeseen illnesses. But you have to keep in mind the fact that not all construction staffing firms are the right partner. Check to see if the staffing firms hire for temporary or full time positions. You should look for the following 3 characteristics in a staffing partner.

Whenever you are partnering with a construction staffing agency, ensure that the agency is industry specific. The agency should be an expert in hiring positions within your industry. It always makes good business sense to understand what the staffing agency’s area of expertise is before you jump into a long term relationship. Carefully analyze your business needs before you commit to a staffing firm. Find out whether the agency can staff when labor demands are high. Ensure that the specific skilled labor requirements are met.

1. It is important that you understand how the staffing agency handles payroll along with the insurance claims and employee benefits. Larger companies often calculate a certain percentage of the payroll in the final invoice thus making the pricing a little confusing in the initial proposal. You have to be aware and examine the proposal carefully for all hidden fees and also look for an agency that is self-insured. Although this is rare, you have to be certain of a staffing agency that is proficient in workers’ compensation, risk management and payroll administration.

2. If you find a staffing firm that promises you the best service and handling of candidates, start by requesting references and recommendations. Short list firms that offer you a list of references from well-known companies in the construction industry.

Before you contract with a staffing firm, you should confirm these items to insure you are partnering with the best staffing agency. This is often the single most importantly investment for construction companies.

4 tips to improve construction engineering recruiting strategies

Posted on Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 at 7:46 am    

There are many construction engineering recruiters in California that face specific challenges while seeking to add staff to building projects. We can identify these challenges and determine the best ways to recruit experienced candidates.

Here are four tips that can help resolve these challenges as a recruiter:

1. Try and connect with candidates: recruiting the best talent often involves a commitment to networking and relationship building. If you are seriously concerned about building a long term professional relationship, you should forge personal bonds when you access top industry talent. It is very crucial that you provide the best user-friendly experience for a candidate. Your straight forward approach and clear cut dialogue will appeal more to candidates. You have to strike a balance between high profile clients and candidates who are skilled.

2. Understand that the construction industry has a serious skill shortage: there are many roles in the construction industry and the number of skilled professionals is very low as multiple employers try to recruit the best talent. With the residential home industry seeing a recovery, the number of skilled workers is quite low in comparison with demand. You have to talk to a lot of candidates to determine the best talent and recruit the ones that show true potential and the ability to leverage their roles.

3. Try and balance all clients equally: if you are a recruiter in the construction industry in California, you need to identify top talents and recruit them to the opportunities you are working on. You should know that different clients have different sets of expectations. The construction market is driven by skills and experience. The urgency that some employers have is equal to the projects they are working on. You must balance the needs of each client and candidate.

4. There is strong demand amongst employers: sustained growth in home building and the construction industry has led to increased competition for recruiting the best talent. As a recruiter, you should be prepared for the roles you hire and carefully place yourself in the middle of this competitive landscape. Most employers are competing for top. If you are a recruiter be prepared to wage war daily and present your client’s opportunities with passion.

Overcoming challenges becomes easier if you follow these tips as a construction agency recruiter.

3 Benefits of Partnering With Construction Employment Agencies and Construction Staffing Firms

Posted on Thursday, November 12th, 2015 at 3:23 am    

About two thirds of all construction and heavy machinery companies prefer to rely on a professional construction employment agency or staffing firm for its hiring needs. This enables most enterprises to optimize the efficiency of their hiring process. When you actually partner with a specialized staffing firm, you realize the returns of the investment many times over. Hiring the best candidates for the right jobs helps you save time, money and sharpens your recruitment strategy. Here are 3 tangible benefits realized when you partner with a construction employment agency.

1. Focus your budget and hiring: Specialized recruitment helps you focus your hiring activities effectively thus freeing up the time for you and your staff. You can also lower your advertising budget. Most staffing agencies have funds that are set aside as part of the advertising budget. You need to leverage these dollars and save money.

2. Cutting out taxes and expenses: You may also have limited room for expenses and have no other way but staff up in times of high customer demand. A staffing firm will help work on your needs and you don’t have to bear fixed employee charges during down times. You also get to employ the skills of a staffing agency without the liability for performance benefits, payroll taxes and unemployment benefits. The fixed overhead is thus removed.

3. Helps streamline the hiring process: Finally, a construction employment agency helps streamline all hiring processes. It also enables you to hire a candidate with the highest degree of accuracy and you avoid time consuming tasks such as resume screening, background checks and reference checks. Most construction staffing agencies will have access to an established database of candidates who are actively looking for a job in the construction industry.

Some niche recruiters also have something that most construction firms die for- specialized market intelligence. Their level of experience and industry contacts far exceeds the reach of most HR departments. Most staffing companies help candidates stay informed about the progress of their applications. They also ask the right questions and ensure the best talent is placed with quality firms and you can therefore improve your retention rate. This helps in building a healthy brand for your company which enhances the morale of your existing employees. A good brand pays added benefits by making top talent come to you.

5 Things That Makes a Successful Construction Recruiter

Posted on Thursday, October 29th, 2015 at 3:12 am    

If you are a recruiter in the construction industry, you should be reading this. The construction industry is full of challenging jobs and you need a particular set of skills and traits to be able to find candidates that have a successful work history at a construction company. Many executive recruiters fill their days with hiring mid-level and management staff for construction companies. No matter how clear a job description is, you may still have to go above and beyond in becoming an ideal construction recruiter.

1. To begin with, as a recruiter for this industry, you need to look for candidates in the right places. Successful recruiters do not just fill vacancies, but give solutions to long term challenges of companies. If you are hiring for an infrastructure project, you should search for people who have construction expertise in that particular area of expertise.

2. For most positions, it is important that the candidate is also physically up for the job. You have to recruit candidates and meet them in person before you zero in on a fit for a heavy construction project. Look for essential abilities in a construction worker. Qualities such as patience and perseverance, strong work ethic and grit are important when you hire a construction worker.

3. Most candidates do not accept rejection well. Headhunters that choose candidates that have been rejected in the past but now stand a chance for a new opportunity. You must play the role of a negotiator well. Almost all head-hunters forget the art of negotiating. It is a must trait in the business.

4. It is important that as a head-hunter to exude confidence and trust to construction candidates. Many workers go on a job hunting spree with little or no results. As a true negotiator you should be able to win the trust of candidates before they land a job.

5. Choose candidates that have the right attitude and are less motivated by money. This has proven to be a better formula that results in better outcomes. A construction headhunter that has thorough knowledge of the industry and the construction trade will produce better results than a non-industry-specific one. Your personality and knowledge should win the trust candidates and hiring managers.  You should understand the requirements of the client company. This are things that are important for hiring talent for the construction industry.