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How to Become a Successful Building Construction Recruiter in New York

Posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2015 at 12:56 am    

Recruiting in the building and construction industry in New York can be a tough job. For most building construction recruiters in New York, the career seems challenging with rewards that are often unattainable. You need to have the right temperament and attributes to be a successful building recruiter in New York.

Here are a few things to remember:

1. If you want to be a successful construction recruiter, you need to be resilient. You have to bounce back from challenges and always have a positive outlook. Many times, a good candidate and a top client may come together and hit it off well. However, things could go wrong in reference checking or a competitor strikes a better deal with the candidate. Top recruiters will learn from such experiences and move on. You need to look beyond current challenges and not dwell on issues out of your control.

2. To be a successful building recruiter, you need to build solid, long lasting relationships. You need to have a certain predisposition to make personal connections with people. The success of a good recruiter is how he or she manages candidates and makes the selection process a positive experience with both the client and the candidate.

3. Helping maintain honesty and integrity is also a very crucial aspect as a successful building construction recruiter in New York. Recruiters often suffer from a perception problem and many often resort to unethical practices when recruiting candidates. You should never be too pushy or put your desires and goals ahead of that of the stakeholders. You should also be a recruiter that is a good listener to overcome challenges.

4. Finally, successful recruiters in the construction industry are good time managers. You should be able to judiciously use your time and focus on goals and productivity. Many times, email can bog down individual recruiters. Remember that responding to emails is part of the overall job and you should be very alert about the turnaround time.

If you want to be a top construction industry recruiter, ensure that you are persistent without being too pushy or even too disingenuous. Build on credibility to help build your brand image.