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3 Benefits of Partnering With Construction Employment Agencies and Construction Staffing Firms

Posted on Thursday, November 12th, 2015 at 3:23 am    

About two thirds of all construction and heavy machinery companies prefer to rely on a professional construction employment agency or staffing firm for its hiring needs. This enables most enterprises to optimize the efficiency of their hiring process. When you actually partner with a specialized staffing firm, you realize the returns of the investment many times over. Hiring the best candidates for the right jobs helps you save time, money and sharpens your recruitment strategy. Here are 3 tangible benefits realized when you partner with a construction employment agency.

1. Focus your budget and hiring: Specialized recruitment helps you focus your hiring activities effectively thus freeing up the time for you and your staff. You can also lower your advertising budget. Most staffing agencies have funds that are set aside as part of the advertising budget. You need to leverage these dollars and save money.

2. Cutting out taxes and expenses: You may also have limited room for expenses and have no other way but staff up in times of high customer demand. A staffing firm will help work on your needs and you don’t have to bear fixed employee charges during down times. You also get to employ the skills of a staffing agency without the liability for performance benefits, payroll taxes and unemployment benefits. The fixed overhead is thus removed.

3. Helps streamline the hiring process: Finally, a construction employment agency helps streamline all hiring processes. It also enables you to hire a candidate with the highest degree of accuracy and you avoid time consuming tasks such as resume screening, background checks and reference checks. Most construction staffing agencies will have access to an established database of candidates who are actively looking for a job in the construction industry.

Some niche recruiters also have something that most construction firms die for- specialized market intelligence. Their level of experience and industry contacts far exceeds the reach of most HR departments. Most staffing companies help candidates stay informed about the progress of their applications. They also ask the right questions and ensure the best talent is placed with quality firms and you can therefore improve your retention rate. This helps in building a healthy brand for your company which enhances the morale of your existing employees. A good brand pays added benefits by making top talent come to you.