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The Different Kinds of Construction Employment Service Firms

Posted on Thursday, December 10th, 2015 at 4:44 am    

There are many construction employment firms who recruit for companies looking for an outside resource to add to their internal efforts. There are a large number of recruiters that can be classified into various categories. Each of these categories of construction recruiters offer different kinds of services and for different terms.

1. There are the internal corporate recruiters, who are a part of a larger construction company or are a subsidiary of a parent firm. These human resources employees are usually tasked with carrying out interviews at the employer’s location and do not have any vested interest in hiring for the company. They are concerned with meeting the “time to hire” so that the best possible candidate is hired in the shortest amount of time.

2. There are the external third party recruiters in construction, who are paid a fraction or a percentage of each hire from the company. These independent recruiters have a vested interest in you accepting a job from their client, as most of them get a percentage from the first year’s salary for the candidate which many times equals 33 per cent of the first year’s annual compensation. These kinds of recruiters are motivated to help you get a handsome salary and land the job!

3. There are the temporary staffing agencies, which are often paid by the company to fill temporary, low skilled roles that arise in business. The temporary recruiter will help you get a job for a specified time and are paid by the employer. As a candidate, these recruiters can help you get an hourly rate that is high and help you learn a lot of different types of skills on the job.

4. Retained headhunters are the final kind of recruiters in the construction industry. These recruiters are relatively rare and are paid regardless of a hiring. These recruiters often get the best suitable candidates for senior level management positions.