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3 Best Traits of a Successful Construction Staffing Agency

Posted on Monday, November 23rd, 2015 at 2:07 am    

A good construction company always has a good team that supports its vision and function. Most of the time a team of hiring managers is outsourced to a hiring team within a construction staffing firm. Most staffing companies offer the flexibility of having construction projects staffed even through peak seasons.

They also provide replacement talent at times of injury or unforeseen illnesses. But you have to keep in mind the fact that not all construction staffing firms are the right partner. Check to see if the staffing firms hire for temporary or full time positions. You should look for the following 3 characteristics in a staffing partner.

Whenever you are partnering with a construction staffing agency, ensure that the agency is industry specific. The agency should be an expert in hiring positions within your industry. It always makes good business sense to understand what the staffing agency’s area of expertise is before you jump into a long term relationship. Carefully analyze your business needs before you commit to a staffing firm. Find out whether the agency can staff when labor demands are high. Ensure that the specific skilled labor requirements are met.

1. It is important that you understand how the staffing agency handles payroll along with the insurance claims and employee benefits. Larger companies often calculate a certain percentage of the payroll in the final invoice thus making the pricing a little confusing in the initial proposal. You have to be aware and examine the proposal carefully for all hidden fees and also look for an agency that is self-insured. Although this is rare, you have to be certain of a staffing agency that is proficient in workers’ compensation, risk management and payroll administration.

2. If you find a staffing firm that promises you the best service and handling of candidates, start by requesting references and recommendations. Short list firms that offer you a list of references from well-known companies in the construction industry.

Before you contract with a staffing firm, you should confirm these items to insure you are partnering with the best staffing agency. This is often the single most importantly investment for construction companies.