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Tips to Apply for Construction Architecture Jobs in California

Posted on Friday, December 18th, 2015 at 5:20 am    

There are several construction architecture jobs in California that can help recent college graduates get broad exposure to the employment landscape. Since the real estate boom of the 1990s and the subsequent recession there has not been much to cheer about lately. Recent architectural graduates from the best schools must be proactive when it comes to their job searches with the top architectural firms. Here are the top tips you should follow when searching for a new job:

1. Do not be discouraged and feel that you should give up. Recent architecture graduates are some of the most intelligent people among all pools of students. Recent job searches can take more than a few months. It is important that you do not get frustrated with the job search given recent forecasts in the building industry.

2. Remember, many companies are hiring people who are fresh out of college and lack work experience. While the construction industry is all about having experienced staff, things may be different when you are a trained architect. Recent grads are more engaged, and often better hires and demand lower starting salaries.

3. Get into a full time job seeking mode, if you want an construction architecture job in California that pays well and is stable. You must network, track new job postings and connect with top industry recruiters.

4. Stay engaged after interviews to get feedback to improve your interviewing skills and stay in touch. Many times employers will be filling jobs you are a fit for even long after your interview so be proactive and stay in touch. You may be surprised when your phone rings long after a formal interview.