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4 tips to improve construction engineering recruiting strategies

Posted on Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 at 7:46 am    

There are many construction engineering recruiters in California that face specific challenges while seeking to add staff to building projects. We can identify these challenges and determine the best ways to recruit experienced candidates.

Here are four tips that can help resolve these challenges as a recruiter:

1. Try and connect with candidates: recruiting the best talent often involves a commitment to networking and relationship building. If you are seriously concerned about building a long term professional relationship, you should forge personal bonds when you access top industry talent. It is very crucial that you provide the best user-friendly experience for a candidate. Your straight forward approach and clear cut dialogue will appeal more to candidates. You have to strike a balance between high profile clients and candidates who are skilled.

2. Understand that the construction industry has a serious skill shortage: there are many roles in the construction industry and the number of skilled professionals is very low as multiple employers try to recruit the best talent. With the residential home industry seeing a recovery, the number of skilled workers is quite low in comparison with demand. You have to talk to a lot of candidates to determine the best talent and recruit the ones that show true potential and the ability to leverage their roles.

3. Try and balance all clients equally: if you are a recruiter in the construction industry in California, you need to identify top talents and recruit them to the opportunities you are working on. You should know that different clients have different sets of expectations. The construction market is driven by skills and experience. The urgency that some employers have is equal to the projects they are working on. You must balance the needs of each client and candidate.

4. There is strong demand amongst employers: sustained growth in home building and the construction industry has led to increased competition for recruiting the best talent. As a recruiter, you should be prepared for the roles you hire and carefully place yourself in the middle of this competitive landscape. Most employers are competing for top. If you are a recruiter be prepared to wage war daily and present your client’s opportunities with passion.

Overcoming challenges becomes easier if you follow these tips as a construction agency recruiter.