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How Do You Find the Best Construction Jobs in New York?

Posted on Wednesday, December 30th, 2015 at 7:14 am    

Finding construction jobs in New York may not be an easy task, despite the turnaround in the real estate market. You have to be particularly skilled at what you do and remember that construction workers are the backbone of the economy. These skilled workers build homes, commercial spaces and even roads. You may find it hard to break into the construction field without any prior experience. If you are planning ahead to find the best construction jobs in the city, you should follow these steps:

To start off, create a resume that highlights all your skills and strengths. If you do not have the right amount of construction work related experience, then you should portray yourself as someone who is a “fast learner” or “pays attention to details”. Be prepared to accept the responsibilities of a laborer to begin. Your lack of construction experience will lead to some impediments in securing a great job but you should not be discouraged.

There must be specific keywords that you use when crafting your resume. You should know that your resume speaks volumes about you and your skills. When the HR recruiter searches for professionals, he or she is actually performing a job search based on certain keywords and their searches on the Internet. Most recruiters will search with either “general labor” or “construction labor”. You should know that both mean unskilled laborers. You should be able to prepare yourself for jobs such as unloading trucks, cleaning jobs and simple manual labor.

If you want to start off in the construction industry, opt for the temporary employment agencies that specialize in temporary jobs. These positions are often supervised by the experienced and permanent workers who have lengthy work histories. This adds value and strength to your resume and will prepare you for future opportunities.

Stay focused when applying for construction jobs in New York. You should be open to formal apprenticeship programs and learn from the on the job training imparted by many recruiters. These programs can vary in length and also instruction depending on the basic construction skills you have. In case you opt for a training program after getting a short term position in a construction firm. These help you to learn the skills on the job and also allows you to learn operating tools well.