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Construction Headhunters: Warning Signs You’re Hiring the Wrong Person

Posted on Tuesday, June 13th, 2017 at 8:38 am    

Bad hiring decisions are always expensive. According to Society for Human Resource Management, 95% of the people who participated in the survey agreed that bad hiring affects the morale of the team.

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The main problem is it’s not always possible to identify which candidate is a bad fit. Even in construction headhunters firms, hiring managers scrutinize thousands of CVs. And on paper, every candidate looks good. Moreover, some people do very well in the interview but just because their past experiences fit makes them appear fit for the job, choosing them can be a bad hiring decision. Here are a few signs indicating that the person is just not right for the job:

1. They do not ask questions
The interview is a two-way process. Information is exchanged from both the sides. However, if by the end of the process, the candidate hasn’t asked a single question, then that’s a matter of concern. Do not nurture the false impression that you have provided them all information that they need to know. If they are really serious about joining your organization, then they will have plenty of questions. They will always try to ensure that it’s the right job for them and that; they will thrive in the organization. Candidates who are seriously interested in your company will show up after having thoroughly researched about your company.

2. Conflicting work cultures or styles
Even the strongest candidate might be a bad choice for your organization if their style of working doesn’t match with yours. For instance, your organization promotes teamwork while the person you thought was fit for the role is comfortable in working alone; or your organization prefers text-based apps to communicate with the team members but the candidate values structure and prefers face-to-face interaction. These are subtle signs that the candidate, irrespective of his/her qualification and skills, is not just fit for the position.

3. They negotiate too much
When offered a job, candidates often negotiate prospects with their employer. However, a little negotiation is fine, but too much of it is dangerous. For instance, the moment you offer the candidate a job, they began to inquire and negotiate whether you can alter their working hours or not; they demand a decent parking space and likewise. Whatever you are offering to them is never enough for them. This shows that whatever you do, you can never make that employee happy.

4. They talk negatively about their company
Showing disrespect to the previous employer from day one is very unprofessional. A candidate might have a bad experience with their employers, but that doesn’t mean they will go on badmouthing the company and its people. Beware of such candidates. It’s because once they leave you, they might say these things about you, hampering the reputation of your business in this process.

In the end, you always want a team member who respects your business and the opportunity you have given him/her.

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Construction Head Hunters: Key Skills to Look For in 2017

Posted on Monday, May 15th, 2017 at 6:07 am    

All successful construction projects are collective efforts of many skilled executives, workers, and civil engineers. The construction industry is a highly technical industry. This demands not only a greater degree of specialized knowledge but also specific skillset to handle the tasks effectively. When judging a candidate, both the organizations and construction executive headhunters look for specific skills to determine whether the candidate is right for the position or not. Take a look:

1. Great Communication skills
Great communication skills are the heart of almost every activity under the sun. Needless to say that construction executives and managers must have excellent and effective communications skills to accomplish a construction project successfully. Without a proper flow of communication, there would be a lack of coordination on the project site. The workers won’t be unable to perform to the best of their abilities if there is a gap in communication. Moreover, the progress of the project may get derailed due to poor communication skills. A great construction executive and manager must be able to understand and communicate intricate details of the project into smaller, easy-to-complete tasks. Good communication skills also help in a successful delegation of tasks.

2. Task Delegation
No construction project is a single-person event. It requires a lot of effort by a number of skilled workers. When interviewing a candidate, the construction headhunters usually check whether the construction executive can delegate tasks to skilled workers or not. This ensures project timeliness. The executive headhunters would ask them to describe situations where the candidate has demonstrated a proper understanding of work delegation that helped in the accomplishment of the project.

3. Reassessing situation and Prioritizing Activities
Throughout a construction project, the construction executive and manager have to deal with discrepancies in available and needed resources. This includes physical resources, and workforce. For this, the executives must reassess the current status of the project and prioritize tasks and activities accordingly. For instance, a sudden change in the weather may halt the roofing activities. In such case, the workers might be reassigned to other tasks. Every good construction executive and manager must have this is an essential skill to maintain the progress of the project and accomplish the tasks accordingly.

4. Problem-solving skills
Construction project comes with many challenges and problems. Although it’s imperative to expect that nothing will go wrong, it’s best to be always prepared for the unknown scenario. It’s difficult to identify every possible worst-case scenario in advance, and for that, construction executives and project managers must have advanced problem-solving skills. This helps them adapt to the unexpected changes and help the project grow by overcoming them. Moreover, starting from weather to labor or environmental issues, many additional problems can threaten to hinder the progress of the project. Problem-solving skills become extremely crucial during such times.

5. Team Work
Great construction executives are great team players. They understand that the success of a construction project depends on the cooperation of all workers and team members involved in the project. And that’s why they facilitate an environment of trust and appreciation by welcoming feedback through communication.
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Traits That Construction Executive Head Hunters Look For

Posted on Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 at 9:14 am    

When it comes to hiring, meeting only the requirements of the job advertisement won’t get you through the interview. When assessing candidates the employers or the construction headhunters firm look for the ones who have the required technical skills and the right personality or attitude. They look for people are not only self-directed but are also responsible. Let’s take a look at the essential traits that every construction executive headhunter looks for:

1. Self-Directed Team members
The recruiting agencies and the hiring managers are always looking for people who are self-directed. They are always looking for candidates with goals in their life. It’s because such candidates are clear about what they want to achieve and are willing to work hard for it. They have a better reason to pay close attention to the work they are doing than the person who took the job only for the paycheck. Are you looking for executive head hunters in Texas? Get in touch with us today at

Traits that Construction executive head hunters look for

2. A Strategic Thinker
Hiring managers are always searching for candidates who are able to identify long-term goals. They look for candidates who not only have a vision for the future but also have a plan to achieve that. This trait is particularly essential for construction executives. Strategic thinking has become a prerequisite for people employed in the construction industry. Such persons are process-oriented, have clear objectives, and are data-driven, thus ensuring long-term success in any project.

3. A continuous learner
Employers want to hire people who love to learn new things. The construction industry is constantly evolving with technological developments. The modern workplace is also influenced as people need to learn and adapt to the changes around them. A good team member is the one who isn’t afraid of learning new trades and evolving with the changing times.

4. An effective team member
Accomplishing a construction project is all about teamwork. So, this is the most crucial thing that a construction executive head hunter is looking for in a customer. Don’t be surprised if you are asked about the way you function in a team. You have to explain how you handled a situation that required teamwork and how your team came through.

5. A Proactive Approach
Proactive team members do not wait for instructions; rather, they take initiatives whenever they find an opportunity to help. One way to demonstrate this is by asking the hiring manager about the work you will be performing.
We hope that these points have helped you gain insights into the traits that construction executive head hunters look for in candidates. For any further queries, call us at 214-935-3626.

6 Tips to Hire the Best Construction Headhunters Firms

Posted on Monday, January 23rd, 2017 at 7:21 am    

Attracting and hiring the best talents is one of the important aspects of any successful construction organization. And trusting an outside agency with such an immense responsibility is much difficult. In such case, hiring the best construction head hunters is the only way to put your mind at ease. But, how can you tell whether you are hiring the right construction staffing agency or not? Here are a few tips:

1. Prioritize Due Diligence
Before zeroing in on a construction head hunter, evaluate them. Check their LinkedIn profile. Do they have the required expertise in the area you want them to work in? Do they have the relevant experience as they claimed to you during your first meeting? Get the facts together before taking any decision.


2. Check for Experience
When you are hiring recruiting headhunters, especially in the construction industry, you want them to find the best skill-set for you. Find out for how long they have been operating in the industry. Experienced head hunters have spent years tracking and building a network of candidates who are best in the industry. With experienced construction head hunters, it will take less time to fill any vacant position in your organization with quality candidates.

3. Get references
Before you hire construction head hunters, check with your peers in the industry. Ask them for reference. Check the quality of their recruitments and also check their track record of delivering results. Apart from that, ask the agency for references and call them. Find out whether they are satisfied with the services of the agency or not. This will help you get an overall idea of how the agency operates in the industry.

4. Check the Contract Terms
Evaluation of the contract is yet another important task before hiring any construction head hunter. You do not want to get stuck with inflexible terms and conditions. So, ensure that all your demands are addressed in the contract.

5. Be clear with your Demands
Be clear with what you want and what exactly you are looking for. A good recruiting agency will listen to your needs and requirements and try to find someone who is apt for the job. And for that, it is essential to communicate this to the recruiting agency.

6. Interview them thoroughly
Interview the recruiting agency just as you would interview a candidate. Check whether they have the candidates in their network for the positions or not. Ask them about their screening processes. Ask how they are going to maintain a chain of communication with you. Also, ask them how long they usually take to fill a position.

These tips will help you thoroughly evaluate the recruiting agencies and find the best for you. If you are looking for experienced construction head hunters in the USA, get in touch with us at 214-935-3626.

Tips on Selecting Great Construction Headhunters

Posted on Tuesday, January 10th, 2017 at 7:55 am    

To maximize the value of their team, construction companies must ensure that they have the right set of skills and experience. And this is where construction headhunters can help you. Working with engineering executive recruiters is a smart decision by executives who do not want to waste time and energy of their internal staff. However, to select the right staffing agency, consider the following factors:

1.    Check for Specialization
Before you hire staffing agencies, check whether they are specialized firms or not. If the company is looking for skilled jobs such as engineering executives, it is best to select specialized engineering executive recruiters.  Candidates with specialized expertise are high on demand and thus, are difficult to find. Specialized staffing agencies offer targeted and high-skilled candidates than generalist agencies. Moreover, they also understand and have in-depth knowledge of the requirements of the company.

builders-1825689_6402.    Look for Experience
Check for how long the staffing agency has been in the market. Any business that has been in the market for several years, have undoubtedly had great professional connections. Construction headhunters that have years of experience are working with a number of valuable clients for long and have excellent reach. They always have specialized candidates who are willing to work. This saves a lot of time.

3.    The verification Process
Find out how the staffing agency verifies its candidates. Majority of the staffing agencies test the candidates to determine what kind of expertise, technical skills and knowledge they have. Review their tests and find out whether they are specific enough for the available positions in your company. Ask them whether they can accommodate any changes recommended by you or not.

4.    Understand the costs
Get a detailed information regarding the costs.  Different type and levels of services come with different prices. Many hiring agencies charge a flat placement fee and many others charge a specific percentage from the wage of the employee (depending on whether he/she has been hired on permanent or temporary basis). Before you take any decision regarding hiring an agency, clarify the costs.

5.    Understand the Recruitment process of the agency
Find out what are the recruitment process and to what extent these processes are active or passive. Do they maintain any database? If yes, then check that. What are the compensation and benefits packages they offer to attract the best candidates? Is it in alignment with your company policies?  Also, review the screening process used by the staffing agency to shortlist candidates. Check whether it is enough to get you high-quality candidates or whether you need to make any changes or not.

Whether you are in the construction business or in any other type of industry, success is only ensured when you hire the right people in the right positions. Hopefully, these pointers will help you hire the best recruiting agency. For any further assistance, contact us at

Advantages to Companies Using Headhunters

Posted on Tuesday, March 17th, 2015 at 5:34 am    

With the increasing number of construction companies and a boost in revenue, large and small businesses are in constant need of skilled employees. The construction sector has recently seen an uptick in their industry and this demands better talent who can give new success to businesses.

Though many people would argue that in-house recruiters will get the hiring job done faster and in a cost effective way, this perspective needs to have a close review. It is easier to find active candidates who are already looking for jobs, but in most cases they are inexperienced and have far less needed industry experience. When you hire for senior level positions you want the best talents from the industry. Can in-house corporate recruiters achieve this goal?

Probably not, so your should consider help from construction head hunters who can easily find the best candidates for your construction business.

If you have decided you should hire an external recruiter, here are some advantages that you understand:

  • Since the construction industry is becoming extremely competitive, the companies with the best executives will have an advantage. Construction executive headhuntersunderstand this and make sure to identify and recruit the right candidates for open positions since employees will either make or break the company’s success.

  • Executive headhunters can reach talents who have been in the industry for a long time and are presently not looking for a change. You would want such candidates to work for your organization since you can take advantage of their vast experience.

  • Many hiring mistakes happen due to miscommunications between employers and candidates. Recruiting professionals are often able to convey the correct expectations and hence the chance of success goes way up.

  • Professional headhunters are able to secure more accurate reference checks from reliable sources from their existing networks, which give a clearer picture of the recruit’s past work history.

  • Executive recruiters also have a better knowledge about the present remunerations and industry standards. Such advice from professionals helps companies to retain their staff and hire new employees who would otherwise go to competitors offering better compensation packages.

  • Construction Executive Recruiters are of great help when you want to hire executives and specialists. These services are often expensive but the benefits that they provide generally outweigh the cost.

    Importance of Recruiting in the Construction Industry

    Posted on Thursday, November 15th, 2012 at 6:05 pm    

    The building construction industry is a fast-paced industry that is constantly changing. It is important for companies in these industries to stay up-to-date with these growth changes by making sure qualified individuals are holding key positions in the companies. Due to the high-speed nature of this industry, companies are not always able to recruit for these high-level positions on their own.

    Construction head hunters are available to find the right candidates for these positions. An agency that specializes in construction executive recruitment can take the pressure off of the construction company in relation to the hiring process. Construction Hunters is a construction recruitment agency that specializes in finding candidates for positions, which include:

    • Project Executive
    • Chief Estimator
    • General Project Manager
    • Project Manager
    • Superintendent

    In order to successfully match a candidate to a construction company, many factors are considered. One factor that is part of the equation involves deciding whether or not a potential candidate is interested in a specific field of the construction industry. These fields can include engineering, renewable energy, and architecture.

    If your company has open positions in the building construction industry to fill, you should consider hiring a professional recruitment agency to meet your needs. Please contact the construction recruitment agency, Construction Hunters, by calling 214-989-6846 today.