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Construction Headhunters: Warning Signs You’re Hiring the Wrong Person

Posted on Tuesday, June 13th, 2017 at 8:38 am    

Bad hiring decisions are always expensive. According to Society for Human Resource Management, 95% of the people who participated in the survey agreed that bad hiring affects the morale of the team.

construction headhunters firmsSource: https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/hr-topics/talent-acquisition/pages/morale-productivity-bad-hires.aspx

The main problem is it’s not always possible to identify which candidate is a bad fit. Even in construction headhunters firms, hiring managers scrutinize thousands of CVs. And on paper, every candidate looks good. Moreover, some people do very well in the interview but just because their past experiences fit makes them appear fit for the job, choosing them can be a bad hiring decision. Here are a few signs indicating that the person is just not right for the job:

1. They do not ask questions
The interview is a two-way process. Information is exchanged from both the sides. However, if by the end of the process, the candidate hasn’t asked a single question, then that’s a matter of concern. Do not nurture the false impression that you have provided them all information that they need to know. If they are really serious about joining your organization, then they will have plenty of questions. They will always try to ensure that it’s the right job for them and that; they will thrive in the organization. Candidates who are seriously interested in your company will show up after having thoroughly researched about your company.

2. Conflicting work cultures or styles
Even the strongest candidate might be a bad choice for your organization if their style of working doesn’t match with yours. For instance, your organization promotes teamwork while the person you thought was fit for the role is comfortable in working alone; or your organization prefers text-based apps to communicate with the team members but the candidate values structure and prefers face-to-face interaction. These are subtle signs that the candidate, irrespective of his/her qualification and skills, is not just fit for the position.

3. They negotiate too much
When offered a job, candidates often negotiate prospects with their employer. However, a little negotiation is fine, but too much of it is dangerous. For instance, the moment you offer the candidate a job, they began to inquire and negotiate whether you can alter their working hours or not; they demand a decent parking space and likewise. Whatever you are offering to them is never enough for them. This shows that whatever you do, you can never make that employee happy.

4. They talk negatively about their company
Showing disrespect to the previous employer from day one is very unprofessional. A candidate might have a bad experience with their employers, but that doesn’t mean they will go on badmouthing the company and its people. Beware of such candidates. It’s because once they leave you, they might say these things about you, hampering the reputation of your business in this process.

In the end, you always want a team member who respects your business and the opportunity you have given him/her.

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Construction Executives: 6 Tips to Get the Job

Posted on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 at 6:58 am    

How well you ace an interview depends on how you present yourself. Whether you are an experienced professional or just a fresher, interviews are always nerve-racking. Here we discuss a few tips to impress the prospective employer and get the job:

1. Conduct Research
Go beyond the “about us” page and conduct a thorough research about the organization. Check the completed and ongoing construction projects of your prospective employer. Conduct a thorough research on their competitors. This will give you detailed insight on their mission, vision and the current challenges they are facing right now. Use this information to explain how your appointment can help the company.

construction job

2. Give real-life examples
A highly specialized industry like construction demands highly skilled team members who can demonstrate leadership qualities and are intuitive and good problem-solvers. When asked questions, give real-life examples that demonstrate your qualities and abilities. This helps in building credibility and also makes you relatable.

3. Be clear about your abilities
Have you identified your abilities and key strengths? If not, then identify and articulate them. You can check the job responsibilities and the demands as mentioned in the advertisement and tailor your strengths around them. However, remember to back your claims with examples from your previous job where you demonstrated those strengths and helped the organization solve a problem.

4. Be specific
Button up your responses and be specific about what you are saying. If you talk too much, chances are high that you might drift away from the topic and bore the listener. Instead, make the interviewer get into a conversation with you. Stop a bit and let him or her ask questions. This helps in building a rapport and keeps your confidence levels high.

5. Ask for Clarification
If you are unsure about a question, then do not hesitate to ask for clarification. Sometimes, the interviewer asks questions that do not relate to the job position. Do not get confused but ask for further clarification by asking how it relates to the position you are applying for.

6. Don’t hesitate to say “No.”
Not knowing something is not a fault, but not accepting your ignorance is a fault. If you are not confident in answering a tricky question or if you do not know the answer, then say “no.” It’s better to accept it than giving a faulty answer.

Above all, stay calm. It helps in boosting confidence and relieves stress.

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How to Work with Construction Headhunters

Posted on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 at 2:32 am    

The present day scenarios in the construction and building materials companies show constant growth as a result of mergers and acquisitions and also help the companies to remain competitive. Construction headhunters are frequently seen to look for candidates with the right skill and experience to fill executive positions in order to maintain the quality and grow the efficiency.

Many well known and reputed companies hire headhunters to fill the senior-most and highest-paid positions, so it would be a good idea to maintain a healthy relationship with executive headhunters. It takes a lot of time to build good relationships, so don’t wait until you are looking to change jobs start earlier. We’ll discuss some tips how to develop good relation with construction executive headhunters:

Tip#1- Always own a copy of The Directory of Executive Recruiters

This list would help you to contact those executive headhunters that work for filling top-level positions. Keep in mind, there are basically two types of executive recruitment firms:

  • Contingency Firms: These are hired junior to mid-level recruitment. These firms are paid only when they complete a recruitment cycle. They provide a number of candidates on a quick basis, regardless of the specific job description, so the candidate quality is not always superior.
  • Retainer Firms: These are hired for higher-level recruitment and get paid regardless of the results. They work for specific job openings and have access to better quality candidates.

Tip #2 – Consider the type of companies your recruiter works for

Executive recruiters work as consultants for companies who wish to hire candidates for specific positions. Since recruiters get lump-some compensation from companies they are working for, they would call you only if a position matches your profile or to get references of other candidates.

Tip #3 – Offer references of good quality candidates

This is will assure that you are on a recruiter’s good books. Recruitment is a target based job and recruiters are paid only when they fill a job position. So if you help them accomplish their targets, they’ll surely present you as a desired candidate to their clients.

Tip#4 – Always be transparent with recruiters

Never make the mistake of exaggerating credentials, income, education, etc. Recruiters will have thorough background checks done, so any lies on your part will hurt your reputation and diminish your chances of being contacted by recruitment firms any further.

Tip#5 – Get in touch with recruiters only when you’re sure about a job change

Ask yourself many times whether you want to leave the present job, before you get in touch with headhunters. Turning down an interview invitation or backing out of a job offer may sour your relationship with the firm and they might not want to work with you anymore.

Tip# 6 – Stay involved with your recruiter

Executive recruiters are busy people, so you have to help yourself with some research on the companies you are considering. Let you recruiter know you preference and in case you reject an offer, explain why you did so, to prevent false impressions. Once they have scheduled an interview, always remember to give them a feedback.

New Home Construction Climbs to Four-Year High

Posted on Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 at 9:32 pm    

Construction on new homes in the U.S. has climbed to a four-year high during the month of October. According to officials with Bloomberg, these numbers are much higher than the Commerce Department estimated.

Statistics show that the housing starts raised 3.6 percent to an 894,000 annual rate. The number of single-family homes has also increased to the highest rate of four years.

Economists have said that these numbers show signs that the housing industry is improving and that this will help the overall US economy.

It has been thought that a lower risk in falling property values as well as record low mortgage rates, may be the reason for the decline. There is no longer a large supply with the new increase in demand. Economists have stated that this is a good sign for the construction industry.

With an increase in housing construction, companies may be able to expand their business and create new jobs for the industry. The construction headhunters at Construction Hunters know the importance of leadership in a construction firm and are here to help you find the best fit for your business. We use a confidential search in order to find the most talented people in the industry.  Contact us today in order to discuss the options available to you.