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How to Get Construction Jobs?

Posted on Monday, February 20th, 2017 at 8:19 am    

The construction industry of the USA is regarded as the key indicator of the strength of its economy. In 2016, the construction sector also witnessed a solid growth in employment rates. According to an analysis by the Labor Department, between July 2015 and July 2016, 39 states in the USA added construction jobs.

Source: https://www.agc.org/news/2016/08/19/construction-employment-rises-39-states-and-district-columbia-over-latest-12-months

If you are interested in joining the construction industry, this is the best time to do so. Here we discuss the tricks to get construction jobs:

1. Get in touch with Construction Executive Recruiters
Construction executive recruiters have great access to the hidden job markets in the industry. It’s primarily because many leading construction companies choose to hire team members exclusively through recruiting agencies. With construction executive recruiters, you do not have to spend endless hours emailing your resume and covers letter to hiring managers. They have a deeper knowledge of the industry and can help you find jobs that will suit your needs. If you are looking for good construction executive recruiters in Florida or in any other state, get in touch with us at www.constructionhunters.com.

how to get construction jobs

2. Gain Experience and the Required educational qualification
Experience matters in every industry and the construction industry is no different. If you do not have relevant experience, then getting an entry level job is the best way to gain experience. Being an unskilled labor at any construction site will help you gain necessary skills and higher positions. Enroll in relevant courses or certification programs. This further helps you learn specialized skills and also, bolsters your resume.

3. Get into a Trade School
Here, you will gain both theoretical and practical experience that will help you get a job in the construction industry. You will get to learn how to read blueprints or select the right building materials. You will also learn the ways to understand and interpret building codes which is essential for getting a job in the construction industry.

4. Apply for Apprenticeship Programs
An apprenticeship program will give you the scope to apply the knowledge gained in trade school. It’s yet another way that can land you a job in the construction industry. Apprenticeship program will expose you to the construction industry, and help learn basic construction skills.

5. A well-written Resume
You will find a number of construction jobs online; however, getting one gets tough if your resume is not well-written or lacks depth. Writing a good and effective resume is easier said than done. Weave your relevant experiences and skills in a manner to grab the attention of the hiring manager.

We hope that these tips will help you get a job in the construction industry. For any further queries, call us at 214-935-3626.

Laid-Off Construction Workers Switch Fields, Industry Now Seeing Shortages

Posted on Thursday, November 29th, 2012 at 5:03 pm    

From January 2007 until last year, the construction industry laid off nearly 2.2 million workers and now that the home-building construction market along with commercial building sector are beginning to strengthen, the industry is facing an issue of finding workers.

Contractors in Texas, Iowa, Florida, and Arizona are feeling the affects of this shortage more than other states, but it is expected to spread across the U.S. over the next few years.

During the downturn in the construction industry, thousands of workers moved states to find work, retired or left the construction industry and found new fields to work in. Now that the industry is beginning to pick back up, some areas have been left with very few workers to help with the recent activity.

Many construction workers changed to positions such as truck driving, factory work, or oil rig work after the massive layoffs. The fact that the Baby Boomer generation is reaching the age of retirement and recent high school graduates are highly encouraged to go to college instead of entering the construction field are other reasons that the supply and demand gap exists.

This year, the number of building permit applications that have been filed for homes and apartment complexes has increased by nearly 31 percent over last year, according to the Census Bureau. As of September, the total construction spending is also up by 14 percent from February 2011, when the market hit an all-time low.

New Home Construction Climbs to Four-Year High

Posted on Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 at 9:32 pm    

Construction on new homes in the U.S. has climbed to a four-year high during the month of October. According to officials with Bloomberg, these numbers are much higher than the Commerce Department estimated.

Statistics show that the housing starts raised 3.6 percent to an 894,000 annual rate. The number of single-family homes has also increased to the highest rate of four years.

Economists have said that these numbers show signs that the housing industry is improving and that this will help the overall US economy.

It has been thought that a lower risk in falling property values as well as record low mortgage rates, may be the reason for the decline. There is no longer a large supply with the new increase in demand. Economists have stated that this is a good sign for the construction industry.

With an increase in housing construction, companies may be able to expand their business and create new jobs for the industry. The construction headhunters at Construction Hunters know the importance of leadership in a construction firm and are here to help you find the best fit for your business. We use a confidential search in order to find the most talented people in the industry.  Contact us today in order to discuss the options available to you.

Job recovery progressing slowly in most states

Posted on Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 at 2:40 pm    

Three years ago, the United States lost nearly 8.8 million job positions in what is now called the Great Recession. Today, many states are still trying to recover from this severe economic downturn.

Only four states have returned to their pre-recession employment rates: Alaska, Louisiana, North Dakota, and Texas. The reason for this success is largely attributed to the global energy boom.  Additionally, Washington, D.C., has seen an increase employment as well. However, 23 states are not expected to reach these pre-recession levels until 2015 or later.

Areas where the housing market crashed completely (Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and California) are facing an uphill battle in increasing their employment rates. This is in turn affecting the construction industry, in which many payrolls were cut in half.  These construction jobs have yet to return to pre-recession levels, but hopefully other industries, such as travel and tourism, can help these states continue to increase jobs.