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Apart from Technical Skills – What Other Skills You Should Be Looking for When Hiring Building Construction Executives

Posted on Thursday, June 1st, 2017 at 7:28 am    

When hiring for a position such as building construction executives, it is imperative to judge the candidates beyond their technical skills. Good construction executive headhunters in Texas (like us) are well aware of the fact that a bad hire can degrade the productivity and the culture of an organization. And that is why they go beyond mere technical skills and judge the candidate’s overall expertise in a wide range of areas. If you want to minimize the percentage of bad hiring, here are a few areas to explore in a candidate when hiring for building construction executives:

building construction executive
1. A clear future vision
Successful building construction executives have a clear vision regarding the future. They can envision the possibilities and can communicate that vision to their team members clearly. They help their team members in every possible way to achieve that vision. Moreover, a person with a clear vision has strategic clarity regarding their function but also think about how their functions can help the organization gain a competitive edge.

2. Excellent Communication Skills
Communication skills can impact the success of a construction project.  Inadequate or insufficient communication to the team members is one of the leading causes of failure. So, a great building construction executive must know how to communicate persuasively with his/her team members and other stakeholders. Be it negotiating with the stakeholders, explaining complex strategies and ideas to team members, communicating with the client through e-mails or face-to-face interaction or conflict resolution, and excellent communication skills are the ultimate savior.

3. The ability to collaborate
Construction is a team game. Building construction executives have to operate in a team, and that is why it’s important to hire a person who can collaborate with others and operate in a team. They need to collaborate with both subordinates and peers. This helps in building a mutually supportive environment.

4.They have functional expertise
The candidate you will be hiring must have functional expertise. This means he or she must be an expert in his or her field. They must be well aware of the challenges and opportunities they will face once they are hired.

5. Whether they are intellectually curious or not
There are two ways you can judge whether a candidate is intellectually curious or not. First, check the problem-solving ability of the candidate. Check whether the candidate has analytical strengths and can think individually and efficiently for addressing a problem or not. Second, see whether the candidate is a lifelong learner or not. Are they passionate enough to continue their professional development? If yes, then he or she is the right candidate.

6. Multi-Tasking abilities
When on the field, Construction executives have to undertake multiple tasks and initiatives. They need to juggle many tasks. So, multi-tasking is a highly valued skill.

Focusing on these areas other than technical abilities will help you find candidates who can be a meaningful part of your organization. If you are looking for building construction executive jobs, get in touch with us. We are the leading executive headhunters in Texas. Contact us today at https://www.constructionhunters.com/contact/

Construction Head Hunters: Key Skills to Look For in 2017

Posted on Monday, May 15th, 2017 at 6:07 am    

All successful construction projects are collective efforts of many skilled executives, workers, and civil engineers. The construction industry is a highly technical industry. This demands not only a greater degree of specialized knowledge but also specific skillset to handle the tasks effectively. When judging a candidate, both the organizations and construction executive headhunters look for specific skills to determine whether the candidate is right for the position or not. Take a look:

1. Great Communication skills
Great communication skills are the heart of almost every activity under the sun. Needless to say that construction executives and managers must have excellent and effective communications skills to accomplish a construction project successfully. Without a proper flow of communication, there would be a lack of coordination on the project site. The workers won’t be unable to perform to the best of their abilities if there is a gap in communication. Moreover, the progress of the project may get derailed due to poor communication skills. A great construction executive and manager must be able to understand and communicate intricate details of the project into smaller, easy-to-complete tasks. Good communication skills also help in a successful delegation of tasks.

2. Task Delegation
No construction project is a single-person event. It requires a lot of effort by a number of skilled workers. When interviewing a candidate, the construction headhunters usually check whether the construction executive can delegate tasks to skilled workers or not. This ensures project timeliness. The executive headhunters would ask them to describe situations where the candidate has demonstrated a proper understanding of work delegation that helped in the accomplishment of the project.

3. Reassessing situation and Prioritizing Activities
Throughout a construction project, the construction executive and manager have to deal with discrepancies in available and needed resources. This includes physical resources, and workforce. For this, the executives must reassess the current status of the project and prioritize tasks and activities accordingly. For instance, a sudden change in the weather may halt the roofing activities. In such case, the workers might be reassigned to other tasks. Every good construction executive and manager must have this is an essential skill to maintain the progress of the project and accomplish the tasks accordingly.

4. Problem-solving skills
Construction project comes with many challenges and problems. Although it’s imperative to expect that nothing will go wrong, it’s best to be always prepared for the unknown scenario. It’s difficult to identify every possible worst-case scenario in advance, and for that, construction executives and project managers must have advanced problem-solving skills. This helps them adapt to the unexpected changes and help the project grow by overcoming them. Moreover, starting from weather to labor or environmental issues, many additional problems can threaten to hinder the progress of the project. Problem-solving skills become extremely crucial during such times.

5. Team Work
Great construction executives are great team players. They understand that the success of a construction project depends on the cooperation of all workers and team members involved in the project. And that’s why they facilitate an environment of trust and appreciation by welcoming feedback through communication.
We hope you have got an overview of the skills that will determine your success in the construction industry. If you are interested to join this industry, we can help. We are the leading executive headhunters in Texas. Contact us at http://www.constructionhunters.com/contact/

Construction Executives: 6 Tips to Get the Job

Posted on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 at 6:58 am    

How well you ace an interview depends on how you present yourself. Whether you are an experienced professional or just a fresher, interviews are always nerve-racking. Here we discuss a few tips to impress the prospective employer and get the job:

1. Conduct Research
Go beyond the “about us” page and conduct a thorough research about the organization. Check the completed and ongoing construction projects of your prospective employer. Conduct a thorough research on their competitors. This will give you detailed insight on their mission, vision and the current challenges they are facing right now. Use this information to explain how your appointment can help the company.

construction job

2. Give real-life examples
A highly specialized industry like construction demands highly skilled team members who can demonstrate leadership qualities and are intuitive and good problem-solvers. When asked questions, give real-life examples that demonstrate your qualities and abilities. This helps in building credibility and also makes you relatable.

3. Be clear about your abilities
Have you identified your abilities and key strengths? If not, then identify and articulate them. You can check the job responsibilities and the demands as mentioned in the advertisement and tailor your strengths around them. However, remember to back your claims with examples from your previous job where you demonstrated those strengths and helped the organization solve a problem.

4. Be specific
Button up your responses and be specific about what you are saying. If you talk too much, chances are high that you might drift away from the topic and bore the listener. Instead, make the interviewer get into a conversation with you. Stop a bit and let him or her ask questions. This helps in building a rapport and keeps your confidence levels high.

5. Ask for Clarification
If you are unsure about a question, then do not hesitate to ask for clarification. Sometimes, the interviewer asks questions that do not relate to the job position. Do not get confused but ask for further clarification by asking how it relates to the position you are applying for.

6. Don’t hesitate to say “No.”
Not knowing something is not a fault, but not accepting your ignorance is a fault. If you are not confident in answering a tricky question or if you do not know the answer, then say “no.” It’s better to accept it than giving a faulty answer.

Above all, stay calm. It helps in boosting confidence and relieves stress.

Looking for jobs in the construction industry? Let us help you. We are the leading construction headhunters in the US. Call us today at 214-935-3626.

Advantages to Companies Using Headhunters

Posted on Tuesday, March 17th, 2015 at 5:34 am    

With the increasing number of construction companies and a boost in revenue, large and small businesses are in constant need of skilled employees. The construction sector has recently seen an uptick in their industry and this demands better talent who can give new success to businesses.

Though many people would argue that in-house recruiters will get the hiring job done faster and in a cost effective way, this perspective needs to have a close review. It is easier to find active candidates who are already looking for jobs, but in most cases they are inexperienced and have far less needed industry experience. When you hire for senior level positions you want the best talents from the industry. Can in-house corporate recruiters achieve this goal?

Probably not, so your should consider help from construction head hunters who can easily find the best candidates for your construction business.

If you have decided you should hire an external recruiter, here are some advantages that you understand:

  • Since the construction industry is becoming extremely competitive, the companies with the best executives will have an advantage. Construction executive headhuntersunderstand this and make sure to identify and recruit the right candidates for open positions since employees will either make or break the company’s success.

  • Executive headhunters can reach talents who have been in the industry for a long time and are presently not looking for a change. You would want such candidates to work for your organization since you can take advantage of their vast experience.

  • Many hiring mistakes happen due to miscommunications between employers and candidates. Recruiting professionals are often able to convey the correct expectations and hence the chance of success goes way up.

  • Professional headhunters are able to secure more accurate reference checks from reliable sources from their existing networks, which give a clearer picture of the recruit’s past work history.

  • Executive recruiters also have a better knowledge about the present remunerations and industry standards. Such advice from professionals helps companies to retain their staff and hire new employees who would otherwise go to competitors offering better compensation packages.

  • Construction Executive Recruiters are of great help when you want to hire executives and specialists. These services are often expensive but the benefits that they provide generally outweigh the cost.