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Apart from Technical Skills – What Other Skills You Should Be Looking for When Hiring Building Construction Executives

Posted on Thursday, June 1st, 2017 at 7:28 am    

When hiring for a position such as building construction executives, it is imperative to judge the candidates beyond their technical skills. Good construction executive headhunters in Texas (like us) are well aware of the fact that a bad hire can degrade the productivity and the culture of an organization. And that is why they go beyond mere technical skills and judge the candidate’s overall expertise in a wide range of areas. If you want to minimize the percentage of bad hiring, here are a few areas to explore in a candidate when hiring for building construction executives:

building construction executive
1. A clear future vision
Successful building construction executives have a clear vision regarding the future. They can envision the possibilities and can communicate that vision to their team members clearly. They help their team members in every possible way to achieve that vision. Moreover, a person with a clear vision has strategic clarity regarding their function but also think about how their functions can help the organization gain a competitive edge.

2. Excellent Communication Skills
Communication skills can impact the success of a construction project.  Inadequate or insufficient communication to the team members is one of the leading causes of failure. So, a great building construction executive must know how to communicate persuasively with his/her team members and other stakeholders. Be it negotiating with the stakeholders, explaining complex strategies and ideas to team members, communicating with the client through e-mails or face-to-face interaction or conflict resolution, and excellent communication skills are the ultimate savior.

3. The ability to collaborate
Construction is a team game. Building construction executives have to operate in a team, and that is why it’s important to hire a person who can collaborate with others and operate in a team. They need to collaborate with both subordinates and peers. This helps in building a mutually supportive environment.

4.They have functional expertise
The candidate you will be hiring must have functional expertise. This means he or she must be an expert in his or her field. They must be well aware of the challenges and opportunities they will face once they are hired.

5. Whether they are intellectually curious or not
There are two ways you can judge whether a candidate is intellectually curious or not. First, check the problem-solving ability of the candidate. Check whether the candidate has analytical strengths and can think individually and efficiently for addressing a problem or not. Second, see whether the candidate is a lifelong learner or not. Are they passionate enough to continue their professional development? If yes, then he or she is the right candidate.

6. Multi-Tasking abilities
When on the field, Construction executives have to undertake multiple tasks and initiatives. They need to juggle many tasks. So, multi-tasking is a highly valued skill.

Focusing on these areas other than technical abilities will help you find candidates who can be a meaningful part of your organization. If you are looking for building construction executive jobs, get in touch with us. We are the leading executive headhunters in Texas. Contact us today at https://www.constructionhunters.com/contact/

Construction Recruiters NYC: Why do you need them?

Posted on Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 at 8:17 am    

All of us are enamored by the buildings and architectural wonders when we walk into a new city. The character of a city has always been defined by the style of architecture it has. The amount of architectural planning and construction engineering skill that goes into making them cannot be comprehended by laymen. The key to giving shape to a spectacular vision is a team that knows the nuances of construction and can translate their ideas into reality.

A skilled construction recruiter can bridge this gap quickly and efficiently. Most of the time, there are plans that need to be implemented but generally architects don’t know how to do it. Recruiters know which candidates are have the skillset needed to work on this kind of project. They know whether a construction team is more adept at working on projects of the modern steel and glass variety, or are more skilled in the restoration of Victorian and Edwardian mansions. Architects require people with specialized skills depending on the projects requirements.

Those who know the intricacies of giving life to a project will also know that specialized teams require specific types of leaders to ensure the desired outcome is produced on time and within budget. From the project managers, to on-site superintendents to the front line workers, the entire team has to be managed properly. Industry specific recruiters know what you are looking for and what is needed to give construction projects the best employees.

To bring an architect’s vision to life requires the right talent. Partner with construction recruiters in NYC and you can be assured that you will have the best team in place on your important projects.