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Tips on Selecting an Engineering Staffing Agency in Texas

Posted on Monday, December 19th, 2016 at 5:54 am    

Hiring staffing agencies is the best way to meet the personnel demands of your company. But, there is a broad difference between hiring a staffing agency and hiring the right staffing agency. Both carry out the same work but the right staffing agency is more likely to meet your exact demands and get you the best talents. Here are a few tips on how to select the best engineering staffing solution in Texas or any other state:

1.    Do they match your needs?
Engineering is a highly specialized job and it calls for specialized candidates. Before you hire a staffing agency, find out whether they cater to your industry or not. Do they understand your personnel requirements? Find out whether the agency has large networks or not and what are their focus areas. Good construction and engineering headhunters have a focused approach and have an in-depth knowledge about the market. They have a pipeline of candidates, ready to meet the demands presented by the clients.

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2.    Check their Reputation and Experience
Before you hire an engineering staffing agency, check their reputation in the market. Every staffing agency claims to be the best but it’s up to you check whether they can back up their claim or not. To attract the best talent for your construction firm, look for an agency that has been in the hiring business for long. Experienced staffing agencies usually share a good rapport and connection with the leaders in the industry and have access to a wide range of talents. These are the agencies that attract the most skilled profiles. You can even check with the companies they have hired for.

3.    Does the Agency conduct an appropriate background check?
The depth of background investigation varies from agency to agency. Before you hire one, find out how the staffing headhunters perform a background check? How they verify the candidates? No matter how much tough may be the screening process the chances of slips are always there. How the agencies handle such situation?

4.    Understand how the Agencies identify candidates
Find out how the staffing agencies are hiring candidates. What kind of medium or advertising they are using to attract the best talent pool? Do they use online staffing websites, social media sites? Do they participate in job fairs or advertise in the newspaper? The mode of operation will help you understand whether the agencies are reaching out to a wide range of talent pool or not.

5.    Check their guidelines
Every staffing agency has a model of standards and guidelines for hiring process. Ask the agency what kind of guidelines, standards, and values do they follow? It is essential to determine the characteristics they demonstrate while doing business.

These pointers will help you select the right engineering staffing agency. In case you are looking for engineering staffing agencies Texas or in New York, contact us today at