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Construction Executives: Tips to Stay Calm & Focused

Posted on Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 at 8:07 am    

The way you manage your emotions at work and stay calm under pressure impacts your productivity. As per a survey conducted by TalentSmart, about 90% of the top performers across various industries are skilled at managing their emotions under stress to stay calm and focused.

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Source: http://www.talentsmart.com/
Construction executive jobs demand you to stay focused under stress. Construction projects often encounter problems, and it’s up to the executive to respond to such situation with maturity, acumen, and preparedness. And for that, you need to stay calm and focused. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your composure during the most stress-packed moments at the workplace:

1. Have a Support System
Even the most successful executive tends to falter with a Do-it-All attitude. It’s tempting to handle everything by yourself but for being calm and productive, you need to identify the areas where you’re weak and seek help. In other words, have a support system at work on which you can rest when things become overwhelming for you. Build up a team, identify the individual whom you can rely on to seek assistance during difficult situations. Even talking to them can help you get a new perspective on the problem and reduce your anxiety levels. Most of the time others can provide you a better insight as they are not as emotionally involved in the situation as you are.

2. Project confidence
When you do that, you instill the same confidence in others. When the times are uncertain, or a construction project has gone haywire, you must remain fearless. This communicates the same person to those you are leading. You must keep in mind that there will be ups and downs and when you begin to fear such adverse situation, it becomes extremely difficult to think and act objectively and rationally. When you panic, your mind loses focus, and you are stressed. When confronted with fear, ask yourself what’s the worst possible thing that can happen? If you are confident about it, you will realize that the problem is manageable.

3. Be positive
When you keep a positive mental attitude, it’s easy to maintain your focus. When under pressure, try to divert your brain’s attention to something positive. It’s easy when things are running smooth, and your mood is good. However, when things are challenging, your mind is flooded with negative thoughts. Identify a positive event, no matter how small it may be, and reflect on it. This will help you avoid your thoughts from turning negative.

4. Avoid contemplating on “What if’s.”
‘What if’ statements always intensify your stress levels. When it comes to construction projects, things can go in some directions. The more time you spend worrying about what is going to happen in the future, the less time you will get to focus on the work at hand. This also prevents you from staying calm and focuses your mind on taking action.

Try these simple steps to mitigate your stress and stay focused.

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