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Traits to Look for When Hiring a Construction Executive

Posted on Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 at 7:28 am    

From educational credentials to technical skills, there are a number of traits to look for when hiring a construction executive. Along with the desired knowledge, a good candidate also possesses the right personality. Here’re a few must-have traits to look for when hiring a construction executive:
1. Multitasking Abilities
Though construction industry is a highly specialized field but a good construction executive knows how to multitask. They must be willing to go beyond their designated roles to do whatever is required at that moment. During construction projects, critical situations might arise that calls for prompt action. Multitasking abilities will help the construction executive to save the situation.

2. Caution
It is important to judge that whether the desired candidate is a cautious person or an enthusiastic risk-taker. In construction projects, hasty decisions and risks can doom the entire project. This industry demands a stable and risk-averse mindset for successful completion of projects. This keeps your organization from taking up too much at once.
3. Independent Thinking Abilities
There are employees who always go along with what the boss says. They never question. On the other hand, there are some who challenge the conventions and are innovative in their approach. Construction executives must be independent thinkers. When in a construction site, the executive needs to take instant decisions otherwise, the work might get halted. Check whether the candidate is an independent thinker and decision maker or not.
4. Technical Skills
A good construction executive must have sound technical knowledge. He/she must be aware of the latest developments in the construction industry and must be skilled in understanding technical plans, models, and drawings.
5. Critical Thinker
A good construction executive is a critical thinker. They use logic and reasoning to identify strengths and weaknesses of an ongoing project and then suggest alternative solutions to mitigate the risk. Not only that, they must have the ability to take novel approaches to solve construction related problems.
6. Active Listener
This is one of the most important traits to look for in a construction executive. Before hiring, check whether they pay full attention to what the others say or not. Do they take their time to understand the points that are been made? Do they ask questions where it’s appropriate? Or do they interrupt at inappropriate times? Listening skills are essential for construction executives to understanding and executing the construction project in a flawless way.
7. Learning Skills
A construction executive must be an active learner. They must constantly update themselves and learn new technologies. They must be eager to understand and learn technical skills that are appropriate for the situation and help them give superior performance.
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