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6 Traits of a Construction Project Manager

Posted on Tuesday, December 27th, 2016 at 6:13 am    

Great construction project demands the efforts of a successful team, timely completion of a number of associated tasks. But, none of these tasks are possible without the leadership of a great project manager. A successful construction project manager is one who can lead and oversee a project from its beginning to end. They have a sound methodology and diplomacy to handle challenges. Here we discuss a few traits of a successful construction project manager:

1.     They are strong Communicator
Poor communication, leading to distorted data or misunderstood facts can spell doom for any construction projects. Good construction project managers are master communicators.  They know how to convey messages to their team members and clients. They know how to communicate ideas to get decisions made and resolve conflicts.

construction project manager

2.    They have a clear vision
Good project managers can effectively cultivate clear visions about a construction project and can develop a mission-driven mentality. Often, a construction project manager faces a situation where they have to take an immediate decision regarding an ongoing project or deliver a particular project within a strict budget. Such tasks are not easy in most of the cases. Despite all these obstructions, good project managers have a clear picture of where they are heading. They are committed to their vision and explore ways to realize that. They take care of each obstacle that can divert them from their goals.

3.    They are Pragmatic
Though a good project manager has great analytical skills but, too much analysis can slow down the pace of work. What is required is a perfect balance of analytical skills and pragmatism. Good project managers are focused on completing their projects in the best possible way and within the given timeframe and resources.

4.    They are technically sound
Good project managers are experts in their domain. A construction project demands sound technical knowledge and understanding of complex designs and calculations. Good project managers are adept in handling all kind of required technical and design tools and have a deep insight regarding the best practices of the industry. This helps them take strategic decisions and initiative as and when required.

5.    They are filled with Enthusiasm
No construction project can meet success unless the people working on it are enthusiastic about it. Successful project managers are always enthusiastic about the projects they are working on. Enthusiasm is contagious. An enthusiastic project manager can effectively infuse his/her team member with the same enthusiasm and optimism.

6.    Problem-solving Skills
Successful project managers are also great problem solvers. Every construction project can face some sort of challenges and obstacles at any phase. Projects managers have this innate ability to identify any hidden problem and take quick action to avoid worst case scenario.

These pointers will help you understand the must have traits of a construction project manager. If you are planning to hire project managers for your construction company, connect with us. We are one of the best project manager recruiters and have been providing construction employment services successfully. Contact us at 214-935-3626.

5 Ways to Hire Great Construction Team Members

Posted on Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 at 7:40 am    

As a successful entrepreneur, you know that it needs great team members to build a thriving business. In today’s economic scenario, you cannot afford the waste of time and money resulting from a bad hiring decision. That’s why hiring great team members have become crucial. Be it the construction or any other industry, here are 6 ways to hire and build a great team:

1. Determine your Pre-requisite

Before the hiring process begins, it’s essential to determine what you are looking for in your ideal team member. Determine the skills, education level and competencies you want in your team member. The construction industry is a highly specialized field and it requires specialized knowledge to build a competent team.

2. Have a Well-defined Job Description

Once you have identified the pre-requisites, chalk out a well-defined job description. Clearly mention the desired skills (based on practical experience and competencies), and educational background. Also mention your expectation from the desired candidate. This will help you determine whether the goals of the candidate align with the goals of the company or not.
3. Determine the Right Fit

Before you move forward in the hiring process, determine whether the potential team member is a cultural fit or not. Find out whether their personal aspirations and conduct gels with the purpose and values of the company or not? Do they have the required abilities to characterize the vision and strategy of the company? In this regard, construction recruitment services can help you find the right fit. They are experienced in judging people using various personal, personality, and behavioral instruments to find the best suited candidate for your company. Good construction employment services (like us) help you get an overall insight of the candidate to help you take the right decision. If you are planning to take assistance of the construction recruitment services, call us at 214- 935-3626.
4. Look for Commitment

Construction projects demand 100% commitment from construction workers. Determine, whether the desired candidate is committed to his/her work or not. Can they work for long hours if the project demands? Are they always looking for “something better”? Have a close look on their past employment history. Ask them about the projects they have worked and what role they played in accomplishing those projects. This will provide a clear insight into the mind of the candidate.

5. Look for a Learning Streak

A strong resume and plenty of experienced don’t make a person desirable for a job position in the construction industry. This particular industry is always evolving. And to keep up with the pace, one must have a passion for learning. Is the potential candidate open to learning or undergo training to gain (or update) valuable skills? A team member who is flexible in his/her approach and is willing to acquire new skills is a valuable asset for your team.

Hiring is a continuous process and we hope that these tips will help you get the right team member on board.