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Construction Staffing Agency: How to Select One?

Posted on Friday, March 17th, 2017 at 3:03 am    

Zeroing in on a staffing agency is one of the crucial business decisions for any organization. This is particularly applicable for highly specialized industries such as construction. A strong and experienced staffing agency can add value to your organization by enriching it with strong team members. So, it’s essential to evaluate all aspects before selecting a good construction staffing agency. Let’s take a look at the consideration when selecting one:

1. Identify your staffing requirements
Based on the requirements of the projects, construction companies may hire temporary, contractual, or permanent team members. So, hiring a construction staffing agency with expertise in meeting such unique hiring demands is important. For instance, a staffing agency might have expertise in handling only temporary recruitment. They may not be best for finding permanent staff. So, identify your staffing requirements first and then select a hiring agency.

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2. Hire Industry-specific staffing agency
Staffing agencies can be either Jack of all trades or Master of one. While you will find plenty of staffing agencies who claim to hire for all industries but it’s essential to find the master of one (like us). It’s because industry-specific staffing agencies have in-depth knowledge about your business and your unique recruitment needs. They will be able to attract the best from your industry and add value to your organization. If you are looking for a good construction staffing agency in Texas or New York, call us at 214-935-3626. We are one of the leading engineering staffing agencies in Texas and New York.

3. Research about their Expertise
Visit the website of the construction staffing agency and check their client portfolio. Check the positions they claim to have filled up for their clients. This will help you understand whether the agency will be able to fulfill your requirements or not. Also, call the organization to do a background check regarding the reliability of the services and professionalism of the agency.

4. Look for Experience
Once you have identified relevant staffing agencies, look for their experience in the recruiting business. For how long they have been into this? What’s the qualification of their consultant? This will give you an idea about how well-versed they are in the best practices of hiring.

5. Reputation matters
A reputed construction staffing agency (like us) is the one that will connect you with the top candidates in the industry. Reputed agencies are respected by organizations and attract the most skilled candidates.

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