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Exclusive v. Non-Exclusive Search Services

Enlisting the professional services of an executive recruitment company can significantly increase your chances of filling an executive position quickly. However, when you choose to utilize the services of a recruitment company, you will need to decide what kind of recruitment service you need. The choice of an exclusive and a non-exclusive search service can impact your search in several ways, and knowing the essential difference between these services may make this decision process easier for you and your company.

If your company is looking to fill an executive vacancy, contact our experienced executive recruiting specialists of Construction Hunters today by calling to discuss the specific executive needs of your company.

The Essential Difference

An exclusive contract and a non-exclusive contract have different requirements for companies. While a non-exclusive contract allows a company to use different recruiting companies to fill a vacancy, including its own recruiting attempts, an exclusive contract offers:

  • A no-charge guarantee unless a company chooses a recruiter’s candidate
  • The option to utilize its own hiring processes
  • The option to form a “retained search” service contract

A retained search contract is Construction Hunters’s top priority contract. This type of recruitment service offers a 100% guarantee to companies that need to fill executive vacancies, and because this type of service requires total exclusivity, Construction Hunters recruitment specialists give this service their main focus. The payment system for each of these services – non-exclusive, exclusive, and retained search contracts – does vary, but one of our consultants will be able to answer any of your questions regarding our services.

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