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Building an efficient and effective executive team can be a challenge for any company. When looking to replace a position or expand the leadership team, it is important that you find the person that meet the right balance of experience, commitment, creativity, and knowledge of the field. Often, this person is not on your short list of candidates because they are not actively looking for a new job. With the help of a recruiting firm, you may be able to reach out to those that most closely meet the requirements you are searching for.

At Construction Hunters, our executive search services can help match you and your company with individuals that have been successful in their field. We can work with you to find someone to fill the position at your office or help you find potential job openings in your field. If your company is interested in beginning a search for a new executive, contact our offices at.

Positions We Can Fill

The executive recruiters of Construction Hunters are experienced placing all types of candidates at jobs that suit their specific career path and knowledge. We primarily work with people in fields such as architecture, engineering, real estate, building construction, and heavy civil, and maintain a close network of candidates from around the country. If your business is looking for any of the following positions or any other executive position, please feel free to contact us at any time.

We understand the importance of matching talent and opportunities. With our pre-existing relationships with candidates nationwide and ability to identify qualities that will suit the specific demands of a company’s executive board, we can work with you to move your company towards the hiring of an effective executive team member.

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For more information about job placement or executive recruiting, please contact the recruiting specialists of Construction Hunters at 214-935-3626.