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Fees and Guarantees

At Construction Hunters, we understand that you and your company may have varying needs when searching for an executive to fill a position in your company, and may have certain expectations about how the search should be conducted. Although we suggest that our clients utilize our retained search services, we offer non-exclusive contingency search and exclusive contingency searches as well in order to ensure that we suit your needs.

Services We Offer

Retained Search Service

Because of the exclusivity involved with a retained search service, we make sure that these searches are our highest priority. Clients that choose a retained search service are showing a dedication to our company and we are proud to say that in return, we offer a 100% success rate for this type of work. If you are interested in this type of executive search, we will bill you for a deposit at the beginning of our search efforts and you will be asked to sign exclusivity clauses against other agencies. Finding a candidate through your own in-office efforts is of course, allowed. Retained searches come with a money back guarantee and a one year guarantee.

Non-Exclusive Contingency Search Service

With a non-exclusive contingency search agreement, you may continue to employ additional agencies or utilize your own advertising efforts in order to fill the position. If you choose to use one of our candidates, we will then charge you for a fee for our services.

Exclusive Contingency Search Service

If you choose to utilize an exclusive contingency search service from Construction Hunters, our team will work to fill your executive position but will not charge you unless you choose to hire one of our presented candidates. During the period of time that we are searching for a qualified employee, you will not be able to utilize another agency’s services, however there are no restrictions on your own direct hiring efforts.

Contact Us

To find out more information about our services or to discuss your recruiting needs with an experienced member of our team, contact our offices at 214-935-3626.