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What Do Construction Employment Services Provide?

Posted on Wednesday, June 17th, 2015 at 12:55 am    

The real estate industry is inclusive of a lot of different sectors, each of which needs a wide variety of talents. On one hand there is need for those with aesthetic sense and calculative skills such as an architect and on the other there is need for someone with informative and management powers such as a construction company manager. Construction employment services find management and executive-level candidates for different companies in the construction, engineering, architecture and other sectors of the real estate industry. Here are some of the areas they cover:

  • Construction placement services have a well-developed network of contacts in the above mentioned industries. This is how they are able to quickly connect with various candidates and employers and create a link between two appropriate parties. They work in close contact with the company looking to fill positions and understand their needs and then set out to find the right personnel. Using these services in looking for right talent for higher level positions helps in cutting costs and quickly assessing the right talent for urgent and critical openings.
  • The goals of one organization will obviously differ from that of another. This should be reflected in your search for new employees and construction employment services help you put together your goals so that the right person is chosen for your organization regardless of location. Not only do they help in find the right person but also making an attractive offer and helping the candidate have a smooth onboarding process.
  • Construction employment services search for candidates and are compensated by one of three broad categories – retained, non-exclusive contingency and exclusive contingency. While a retained search service involves exclusive contract with the agency being chosen as recruiters, a non-exclusive contingency agreement means that the company can work with other agencies of similar nature or look for candidates themselves. The exclusive contingency search is similar to the retained service in so far as exclusivity is concerned, but here the company has to pay the employment services only if they hire one of their chosen candidates.

Construction employment services provide employment for posts such as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Executive Officer, President, Vice President of Operations, Project Executive, General Manager, Construction Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Manager of Business Development, Filed Operations Manager, General Superintendent, Superintendent, Preconstruction Manager, Controller, Engineer, Project Engineer, Chief Engineer and many more.