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US Heavy & Civil Engineering Construction Industry Statistics and Trends

Posted on Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 at 2:31 am    

The facts, trends and statistics mentioned in the Pell Research industry reports are sure to provide you with statistics and data that are required for the analysis of the US heavy and civil engineering construction industry analysis.

The research measurements and the forecasts presented by Pells are updated on a regular basis so as to ensure complete accuracy. The below mentioned research report analyzes the trends and the size of the US Heavy & Civil engineering construction Industry. The data mentioned here are the total market sizes from 2009 till the present year and the forecast is for the growth of the industry through the year 2019. The data mentioned in the report are sourced from both the private and the public companies.



The growth trends of the sales and the revenues of the industry are shown in the five year projection chart. The model mentioned above is based on the long term and the short term trends. The size of the industry is determined by the total revenue that is generated from the different services and the products of the industry in question. The decline and the growth of the industry shown in the above table indicate the total opportunities presented for the companies. The research report for the US Heavy & Civil Engineering Construction research shows five year forecast along with the historical trends.

According to the forecast for the US heavy & civil engineering construction services, the employment of the industry is at present down by 29%. The present total unemployment rate in this industry is standing at 14.2% at present. In fact the US construction and the civil industry was one of the worst hit industries during the global recession a few years ago. The construction recruiters were not able to save the industry from being hit by the recession. It is also worth mentioning that the construction industry of US at present supports only 4.2 % of the total workforce in US.  Although at present the construction executive recruiters are working hard to pull up the industry from its decline, covering a percentage of 14.2% in comparison to the national average of 8.2%  in such a short span of time can be rather difficult.