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Top Myths About the Construction Industry

Posted on Tuesday, July 21st, 2015 at 2:59 am    

Construction Recruiters Chicago has played an important role in providing the industry with highly skilled construction workers, managers, team leaders and the like. They have provided many candidates with introductions to the right kind of job. A study by the American Staffing Association recently showed that almost 90% of companies use the services of recruiting firms. It also revealed that 40% of recent graduates and new job seekers receive help from these firms. However, the widespread use of construction recruiters Chicago has led to the some misconceptions about them. Here are the top three misconceptions along with reasons why:

  • Part time or temporary Chicago construction jobs are typically not authentic or worthwhile. It can be proven by the simple fact that many large enterprises, even from other sectors such as food, health and IT hire temporary workers during peak seasons. This is done to speed up the work process. It is up to the employee to leave a lasting impact in the minds of their bosses. This means that when permanent positions open, they will be called first for an interview.
  • Temporary Chicago construction jobs do not pay well. This has proven to be false. In fact, if you get a job through a recruiting firm, they will ensure that you get the best possible offer. This will be decided on the basis of your education and work experience as well as the needs of the employer.
  • There are no job benefits from temporary construction jobs. Again, false. A good construction recruiter in Chicago will try their best to get you health insurance and other benefits. There is also life insurance coverage, health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance among others. Apart from medical benefits, temporary employees in the construction industry can also be eligible for vacations, bonuses and above all referrals for their next job!

There are many other myths associated with the construction industry. Some of these have been mentioned and logically refuted below:

  • Construction is a manly job, whereas, in a recent study in the United Kingdom, over 300,000 women were seen to work here.
  • Construction is not good for the environment, but all modern buildings adhere to green building requirements.
  • Working as a construction apprentice limits your potential. On the contrary, research shows that many top construction managers and officials started off as apprentices.