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The Rule for Recruiting the Right Construction Employee

Posted on Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 at 2:24 am    

In the construction industry the #1 rule for recruiting construction employees is finding the right match. There are three kinds of companies, namely P, Q and R and three types of candidates, namely P, Q, and R. As a company offering construction staffing solutions it is understandable that the best match for P Company to P candidate and so on. But what becomes difficult to understand is exactly which tier the company or the candidate belongs to and then match them accordingly.

It is more like connecting the right dots to complete a picture perfectly.

The P Companies are of the highest rank. Few in numbers, with visionaries leading the team, having a talent pool of employees and clear on their client expectations. These are the type of companies that all candidates strive to join. However, only the best candidates, experienced and qualified, (P candidates) are suitable for such companies.

The R Companies, on the other hand, are plenty in number, with high employee turnover rates and transactional work. They have hardly any repeated clients and very often no real assets in their name.

The Q Companies are in the middle and are usually the P companies going down the rank or R companies going up the ladder. There can be no company that stays in this transition mode for ever.

As for the tiers of the candidates- no candidate would like to call themselves, B or C graded. But not all are best suited in terms of qualification, experience and learning capability, for the best or the P companies.

Fresh candidates can be called R candidates, eager and knowledgeable, yet lacking the on-hand experience of working. The enthusiastic few among them will soon upgrade themselves to the Q tier and be suited for a company that is growing, here, the Q companies. With years of experience, ambition and constant self-improvement in terms of education the R candidates reach to the height of a P candidate.

If you own a construction staffing Solutions Company providing construction employment services, you would find that almost all companies and candidates like to consider themselves in the P category, which is not possible and practical. If you own a construction business, it is very important to understand your own position clearly first to get the right candidates for your company who fit perfectly and are affordable for you.

A precise self-analysis is the first step for a company to be able to reach to the right audience. As a company providing construction employment services you must analyze candidates very thoroughly to ensure that you provide a good fit.