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Heavy Civil Construction Headhunters Texas, USA


Are you in search of a heavy civil engineering recruiter in Texas?

Is your company looking to recruit management or executive-level construction personnel in Dallas, Houston or Austin? At Construction Hunters, we have heavy civil engineering recruiters, who understand that civil construction is a fast-paced industry, that moves on tight deadlines and requires a steady hand to ensure that projects remain on the right track.

Contact our heavy civil engineering recruiters in Texas at Construction Hunters to discuss your situation. Our professional staff will give you more info about how our services can build on your organizational success.

Why Choose Construction Hunters?

  • Unlike traditional headhunters or search firms, Construction Hunters specializes in challenging staffing for mid-level and senior-level positions, such as Construction Managers, Estimators, Supervisors, Project Managers and Vice Presidents.
  • Our expert recruiters help top talent make smart, strategic career moves, that also save time and money in the long term, instead of only making an immediate impact on the organization.
  • Construction Hunters has made a mark in employment recruitment by focusing solely on jobs in the construction, engineering, architectural, and real estate industries.
  • We pride ourselves on being industry insiders, who put our vast experience and connections to work for you, so that we are able to help our clients reach out to a broader and deeper talent pool.
  • At Construction Hunters, our expert recruiters follow an eight-step recruiting process. Even after a candidate accepts an offer, we stay in close contact to make a smooth placement.


  1. Research and discovery: we learn about you, your company and how to best work together
  2. Development of recruitment plan: we identify the best candidates from our resources and connections
  3. Targeted recruiting: we look beyond the resume and find quality candidates who have a proven track record
  4. Candidate evaluation: we provide you with a short list of the most suitable candidates
  5. Process management: we listen to our candidate’s career goals and share this information with you
  6. Reference checking: we perform reference checks on the finalist
  7. Presentation of the offer: we help you prepare a successful offer
  8. Acceptance of the offer: we help negotiate the offer and acceptance to insure a smooth placement


It is a well-known fact that construction employment is seasonal and peaks in Texas at summer time. Construction needs people year round, as the number of projects continues to grow and baby boomers continue to retire – this is where our heavy civil engineering recruiters come in and meet this demand.


Google data shows that there is high demand for construction jobs in the U.S. The average monthly searches made for a construction job in 5 major U.S. states, shows that the majority of searches (32.4%) were made in California, followed by New York (23.3%) and Texas (16.7%).

heavy civil engineering jobs texas

If you need placement assistance in the construction industry, contact our heavy civil engineering recruiters in Texas @ 214-935-3626