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Construction Executive Jobs in Texas

Are you hiring experienced people for construction executive jobs?

Are you looking for construction executive jobs in Texas?

We at Construction Hunters know that building construction industry is fast-paced and it moves on tight deadlines. Construction job workers require a steady hand to make sure that projects remain on the right track. The various types and levels of construction executive jobs that our recruiters work on at Construction Hunters are listed below.


Construction Hunters’ fills construction executive jobs at every executive level, including:

  • All C-level
  • Project Executive
  • Project Manager
  • General Project Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • General Superintendent
  • Senior Superintendent
  • Superintendent
  • Chief Estimator
  • General Estimator
  • Senior Estimator
  • Estimator

Our recruiters also place candidates in related fields, such as:


The construction industry employs more people than any other industry. It is a fact that construction employment is seasonal and peaks in Texas at summer time. Construction needs people constantly, as the number of projects grow in order to replace the retiring baby boomers – this is where our building construction recruiters come in and meet this demand.

What Does Google’s Average Monthly Search Data Indicate?

Google data shows that there is ample demand for construction executive jobs in the U.S. The average monthly searches made for construction jobs in 5 major U.S. states, shows that the majority of searches (28.6%) were made in California, closely followed by Florida (24.3%) and Texas (23.6%).

construction executive jobs texas

U.S. Real Estate and Job Growth

Did you know that the U.S. real estate growth hinges on number of jobs?

It is true that the U.S. has recovered from the recent deep recession, but the increase in the number of jobs is still slow. This slow wage growth is also keeping the real estate sector from recovering quickly.

In America, Texas and the Bay Area have seen the strongest housing recoveries in a few cities, depending on the economy.

Second-Tier Cities To Lead The Way To Real Estate Recovery

Construction Hunters places people in real estate development across the U.S.

It is no surprise that traditionally, we have observed that San Francisco and New York City have led the way in real estate prospects, and the same was predicted by the ULI report.

However, last year it was reported that the focus will start to shift to second-tier cities, such as Dallas and Portland, where there are more housing developments. The US cities that made the list on the ULI report are: Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Miami, Orange County, Boston and San Jose.

High Wages

A construction job normally pays very well in U.S.A. The US construction and extraction annual wages averages of $45,630 ($21.94 hourly average wage) for 5,088,030 construction jobs, according to reports by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The table below gives an idea of the mean wages in 5 major U.S. States:

California $54,130 $26.03
Florida $36,620 $17.61
Illinois $57,550 $27.67
New York $58,880 $28.31
Texas $38,690 $18.60

Construction Hunters’ recruiters for construction executive jobs not only strive to make the best fit, but also meet your long-term organizational goals in a timely manner. Our mission is simple: to make precise matches and build long-lasting relationships.

At Construction Hunters, our expert recruiters follow an eight-step recruiting process. Even after a candidate accepts an offer, we stay in close contact to make a smooth placement.

If you need placement assistance in the construction industry, don’t hesitate to call our Texas building construction recruiters @ 214-935-3626.