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8 Constructions Staffing Facts

Posted on Sunday, February 12th, 2017 at 8:12 am    

Despite growing concerns, the construction industry in the USA has grown in terms of productivity in the past few years. This is one of the major industries which generate huge employment. If you too are eager to join the construction industry, then here are a few important construction staffing facts:

1. Between 2010 and 2020, the rate of employment in the construction industry is projected to increase by 1.84 million. This growth is in terms of wage-and-salary jobs. In other words, the growth of employment in the construction industry will constitute total 33% of the total jobs created during this period.

Source: http://www.cpwr.com/sites/default/files/publications/5th%20Edition%20Chart%20Book%20Final.pdf


2. The USA construction industry is among the major buyers of manufactured goods in the country. The shipment of construction materials in the year 2007 totaled $518 billion.


3. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) mentions that, by August 2016, the rate of unemployment in the construction industry has increased to 5.1%. The average hourly income of a construction worker in the USA is $28.22.
Source: http://www.bls.gov/iag/tgs/iag23.htm#iag23emp1.f.P

4. A report by The American Road & Transport Builders Association, published in 2012, showed that about 11% of the total workforce of the nation (14.2 million workers) is employed in the infrastructure industry. Out of them about 15% of the people were employed in the construction industry and only 6% were involved with design.
Source: http://www.saccd.org/industry-career-salaries/construction-industry-facts/

5. According to a report published by the FMI Corporation (2014), about 3.8% of the construction workers were engaged in oil and gas construction. However, by 2012, this number quickly doubled to 6.4%. This shift was as a consequence of recession and the downturn of the construction industry.

Source: https://www.fminet.com/index.php/visitor/download/freeDownload/id/569/

6. A data published by The Center for Construction Research and Training CPWR in 2010, there were total 3.39 million construction organizations in the USA. Out of them, about 2.26 million organizations didn’t have any provision for payrolls.

Source: http://www.cpwr.com/sites/default/files/publications/5th%20Edition%20Chart%20Book%20Final.pdf

7. The fatality rate in the construction industry significantly dropped in the year 2010. The rates dropped by about 34%. Not only that, in the same year, the rates of illness and other small injuries in the construction industry also declined by 1.5 per 100 full-time equivalent workers. In 1992, this rate was 5.3 per full-time equivalent workers.

Source: http://www.cpwr.com/sites/default/files/publications/5th%20Edition%20Chart%20Book%20Final.pdf

8. A data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that in 2014, women represented only 8.9% of the total workforce in the construction industry. The data also mentions that out of the total 9,813,000 people employed in the construction industry, 872,000 workers were women.

Source: http://www.nawic.org/nawic/Statistics.asp

Hopefully, these pointers will give you a statistical overview of the construction industry in the USA. In case you are looking for construction staffing agency in Texas or in any other state, then look no further. Get in touch with us today. We are among the top-notch engineering staffing agencies in Texas. Call us today at 214-935-3626.