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How Construction Staffing Agencies Can Help You?

Posted on Monday, September 12th, 2016 at 5:38 am    

Hiring qualified and competent construction executives is a time consuming and expensive task. Here is where a construction staffing agency can help you. These agencies play an integral role in helping construction organizations find the right talents and hire them. They save your valuable time & money.

Construction staffing agencies can significantly increase your chances of attracting the best talent in the industry. Here’s how they can help you:

1. They have an extensive network for locating the best talent

From executives to managers, construction staffing agencies have an extensive network of candidates. They have thousands of resumes of skilled professionals in their database. This gives them the advantage of finding the right talent quickly.

2. They Save your time

The entire hiring process is pretty time consuming. From interviewing the candidate, checking their skills to verifying the references, there are a number of steps that can eat up your valuable time. Construction staffing agencies handle all these time-consuming steps for you. Moreover, they always keep improving their staffing solutions to present A-list candidates to you.

3. They Manage the Administrative work

From writing a good job description to prepare interview questions, a construction staffing agency takes a lot of administrative tasks off your hands. This helps you concentrate on other important organizational tasks.

4. They Reduce the Turnover Cost

A 2016 study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management found that employers spend about 6-9 months of an employee’s salary to hire and train a replacement. Which means, the cost can be around $45,000. Staffing agencies save you this cost by eliminating the chances of a bad hire. The experienced recruiters have a good idea whether the candidate will be able to match your standards or not.

5. They are Well Aware of the Job Needs

Staffing agencies have experienced recruiters who know about the work culture of the company and understand the needs of the job. If you have any special requirement then inform them about that and they will find the right candidates for you.

Working with a construction staffing agency can alleviate the stress from your shoulders both in terms of time and cost. If you are looking for a qualified staffing agency, get in touch with us today. Our seasoned professionals have years of expertise in locating and attracting the best talent pool for your organization. Call us today at 214-935-3626.

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