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Subsectors Under Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

Posted on Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 at 1:28 am    

According to the North American Industry Classification System, the Heavy & Civil Engineering Construction has some subsectors that comprise of all those establishments whose main activity and function is to undertake the construction of the engineering structures like dams and highways. The main function of the construction employment agencies is to take care of the production of all those components that are required for completing the engineering projects like the ones mentioned above.

The construction recruitment agencies in this industry perform only those activities that are specifically meant for the heavy and civil engineering construction projects and not for the official or residential buildings. The constructions tasks may include the alteration, new construction projects, addition, maintenance or even repairs.

The sub sectors in the Heavy and the Civil Engineering construction consists of the below mentioned industries:

  • Highway, Bridge Constructions: NAICS 2373
  • Utility System Construction: NAICS 2371
  • Other heavy and civil engineering construction: NAICS 2379
  • And Land Subdivision: NAICS 2372

The statistics of the work force

This category will provide all the information that are related to employment in the industry of heavy and civil engineering construction. The below mentioned data are sourced from the different establishment surveys and the employers. The below mentioned tables also provide an overview of the heavy and civil construction industry along with details like data, jobs, occupations that are common to this industry and also projects the employment changes that are related to occupation:



Earnings and the work hours

This category of tables will showcase the earnings and the weekly hours that the employees of the industry put in regularly. The table is prepared keeping in mind the latest average of hourly earnings and the weekly hours that are put in.