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Renewable Energy Changing Job Course in America

Posted on Monday, January 12th, 2015 at 8:16 am    

Due to the growth of a number of industries in the USA, renewable energy jobs are also growing in leaps and bounds in almost all sectors including maintenance and installation. With the right skills in appropriate locations, workers are able to find the right jobs and grow in their careers. The growth of this industry will lower the energy costs for all and create more jobs for the people of this nation. The lines below will give you a deeper insight into the renewable energy job industry.

Growth in Renewable Energy Job is Unbelievable:

Environmental Entrepreneurs observed that in the U.S. 80,00 0 clean energy jobs were created in the year 2013, to which another 36,100 were added by the first 3 quarters of 2014. There was a 20% growth in the number of U.S. solar industry jobs last year, rising to 143,000 (as stated by The Solar Foundation). This figure is 10 times more than the National Average Growth Rate. 2014 may witness a growth of further 16%, making the number rise to 165,000. So, it can be concluded from the above that the renewable energy job growth is strong- the costs keep falling as the industry keeps growing.

Where to Find the Jobs?
Majority of the renewable energy industry has present concentration in the south western U.S.A. and Hawaii. An astounding figure of 15,397 renewable energy projects are either announced, in operation or under construction in California alone. It is closely followed by Texas with 6,368 projects and then by Hawaii with 5,748 projects. Here it must be noted that Hawaii is the leader in solar rooftop systems per capita which makes it a huge employment driver in the renewable energy job industry.

Changing The Course of Jobs in America:

The growth of jobs in double digits can be impressive for any type of industry. However, in case of renewable energy, this may be the starting point for a long-term job trend. The GTM Research says that 67% of the new electricity generation that is built in the U.S. in 2014’s first half was either solar or wind based. As the need for installations to grow rises due to the shutting down of coal plants as well as nuclear plants, jobs in this sector keeps growing.

The sector of renewable energy has become a booming business and this has created a big opportunity for job seekers and investors alike. If you looking to for construction executive recruiters consult with Construction Hunters today.