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Questions that a Candidate has to Face

Posted on Friday, April 24th, 2015 at 12:04 am    

The construction industry has been picking up after the recession, at a fast rate and the growth is forecasted to continue in the coming years. With this growth the employment at various levels has increased, and companies are looking for skilled workforce to keep up with the fast pace. The role of construction job recruiters plays a crucial role, especially when they have to hire for technical or executive level. In a saturated market like the present day, it is very difficult to find candidates who are well qualified and have the capability to fill a skilled and demanding position.

To find the best suited person for a specific job opening, executive recruiters design a set of tricky questions, depending upon which they make their final decisions. As job seekers, whether at the entry level or executive level, it is very important for you to be aware of such questions, so that you can prepare yourself to craft the most impressive answers.

Here is a set of some questions that you might have to face while attending an interview with a construction company:

Ques. 1: Tell me about yourself

An interview opener in most cases, recruiters ask this to find out how articulate and confident you are about yourself and how you handle situations. Recruiters also want to know about your past experiences, your expectations since you’re changing your job, etc. This question offers you with the option of placing yourself positively and confidently in front of the interview panel. Prepare yourself well for this.

Ques. 2: Your Tenure with the Past Employer

You will be asked this, if you have been changing jobs too frequently. Loyal employees tend to complete 3-5 years before changing a job. Be prepared for an explanation.

Ques. 3: Talk about your weaknesses

A confident and impressive response on your part would show you are competent enough to handle constructive criticism and are also capable of taking responsibilities. Be honest in answering this question and tell how you can improve from your mistakes. Tell them you’re working hard to overcome the weakness and this makes you nothing less than other capable candidates.

Ques. 4: Tell me about a situation where you failed

The recruiter needs to know your capability of taking responsibility and decision-making powers. Discussing failures show the depth of experience that’s needed for a specific job and the ability required to recover from a mistake. Tell them what you have learnt from your mistakes.

Ques. 5: Talk about your strengths

Highlight two or three skills that are relevant to the present job opening and tell your recruiter how they can benefit from your skills.

Ques. 6: Why did you leave your last job?

The recruiter wants to know about possible conflicts with the past employer or other personality traits that may harm the work environment for the company they are considering you. Be honest when answering this, talk about the growth opportunities that you see in the present job or how you can increase your productivity if given a chance.