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Important Guidelines for Construction Headhunters

Posted on Monday, January 18th, 2016 at 6:59 am    

As a construction headhunter in Illinois, you should be able to fill the most urgent and critical positions in the construction industry. Most construction recruiters go with the trends in the industry and do not pay much attention to the candidate or his choices. If you are looking to hire the best candidates for your open jobs, you should pay attention to a few things. These are:

1. From the outset, be clear about the goals you are hiring for. As a recruiter for a fickle industry, try and get employees that will remain in their jobs for a long time. Companies often complain about employees that are job hoppers. You need to state the requirements clearly before you hire a construction worker for a client. You will be held accountable for all the job site problems should they occur at a later time.

2. Discuss the compensation in detail before you hire a construction worker. The safety and liabilities associated with such jobs need to be well documented by the recruiter at all times. Start early and be clear.

3. Always check references. If you know of a construction worker who is presently employed, you need to consult with him and find out if he has references from another construction firm. This is always a great way to fill positions.

4. When you do recommend a professional to a construction company, make sure that the person is well aware of the work culture and the rules that govern the workplace.

5. As a construction headhunter, you also need to conduct a thorough background check when working on a recruitment project. The construction industry has many workers who have had drug problems or criminal records. You should be well aware of the records and ask for documents pertaining to legal background of all candidates. Some employers often find themselves in a pinch when they have a demand and take shortcuts. Some projects require companies to staff up immediately and they often take shortcuts without the proper background checks.

6. If you are a recruiter, insist on the overall background check of the candidate and ask for the results before the candidate actually begins work with a new organization.