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How to Find The Best Candidates That Corporate Recruiters Can’t

Posted on Monday, March 23rd, 2015 at 7:29 am    

No doubt recruitment is becoming more difficult everyday. Even if there are a lot of applications coming in everyday, finding quality candidates is the real challenge. The natural question that pops up is – what are other organizations doing we are not? Construction employment services along with other recruitment agencies use tools like social media, websites, job posting sites, to find suitable candidates. Unfortunately many still are not able to find talented people for their urgent and critical openings. So what should one do to attract skilled candidates?

Many staffing agencies and recruiting firms would claim they attract a lot of candidates on a regular basis, but are these highly qualified, and top candidates? The simple answer is NO! So why does this happen? This is mainly due to the fact that passive candidates are already happy with their present jobs and and aren’t looking for new opportunities. These candidates are not easy to identify or recruit but it is possible.

This is where an experienced executive search firm can add value to the hiring process. Such firms proactively reach out to such passive candidates and engage them in conversation through career advice, growth opportunities, etc. They constantly converse with them, over the phone and in person, and present new and challenging opportunities. At times this cannot be achieved through social media or job posting websites therefore you should partner with a professional recruitment service provider.

Many company’s are not the employer of choice to candidates because of bad reputations or misinformation in the market. Many times the career page of the company website is not updated regularly. So when a prospective candidate visits the webpage they don’t get the correct information. Many companies fail to take advantage of mobile and social media integrations that are largely available these days. Even if they are doing so, many companies fail to express their company culture clearly.

Professional recruiting firms help such companies to get their message across to prospective and passive candidates. Such search firms fill in the gaps which in-house recruiters are not able to. To attract top candidates that in-house recruiters can’t, you must have a precise plan-of-action that covers all the aspects of getting touch with and engaging the right candidates and this is best done by an experienced professional.