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How do Top Heavy Civil Construction Recruiters in New York Find the Best Candidates?

Posted on Wednesday, January 6th, 2016 at 6:28 am    

To be a top heavy civil recruiter in New York, you need to understand the competition in the construction industry far more than the graduates themselves. The number of civil and engineering graduates that are looking for a job in the real estate industry is large. Recruiters are looking for specific skills for their clients.

Here are the top things civil recruiters look for:

1. Try and convince recent graduates and those with limited work experience about the work expectations followed in the construction sector. You should be able to motivate young workers and help them sign on with your recruitment agency. As a recruiter, you should be able to generate a certain amount of interest and eagerness for the jobs you are hiring for.

2. Cite the real life superstars that have been able to make a name in the industry and are recognized for their accomplishments. You should be able to talk about the experiences of real candidates when conducting interviews and the orientation process to attract the best possible talent.

3. Try and build as many contacts as possible when you are recruiting for the construction industry. Your network of contacts always helps and that is crucial to start with.

4. Stress the non-academic soft skills that are needed to do well in the industry. Work experience, no matter how little or how much is always a great plus for candidates entering the heavy civil industry. Stress volunteering and motivate young professionals to strive to do their best in and out of their daily jobs, even if those are part time. The results often are evident later, so stress the advantages to sticking to a job until its completion.

5. Stress that most employers do not expect a lot of technical knowledge to start off with. You need to have a lot of enthusiasm and that needs to be conveyed to your potential bosses. As a recruiter, you should be able to convey all this and more to your candidates.

6. Finally, as a heavy civil recruiter, you need to be a balanced person with great problem solving skills. You should be able to deal with the unexpected and that will set you apart from other executive recruiters and search firms.