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Highest Paid Professions in the Construction Industry

Posted on Wednesday, October 28th, 2015 at 5:00 am    

If you are in the construction business in New York, you might be interested in reading this. Among the highest paid construction executive jobs in New York, the top three are often the most challenging. Here are the top 3 highest paid jobs in the New York construction industry that could set your career sailing.

The Graduate Architect: Construction is an industry that has seen a turnaround in recent years and within this sector, there are many positions that require a lot of skills along with some expertise often honed in technical schools around the United States. If you are a graduate architect, you can earn top pay even if you are a recent college graduate. Graduate architects who secure a diploma or even a degree, attain jobs that are mostly office based rather than being on site. Typical hours are 9 am to 5pm and can be adjusted depending on the project you are handling. The salary and opportunities for this position are quite high even by other industry standards. If you are a talented architect, you can earn a high salary weekly. If you are a gifted designer, your plans might help you push through the ranks fast and help you reach partner status in a firm. Once you reach a more senior level, you will have flexible work hours and will be managing a team.

The Graduate Engineer: A lot of regional companies and architectural firms hire graduate engineers who are just out of college. Many engineers have civil engineering degrees and can have positions in national and international construction firms based in New York. Opportunities increase once a project is successfully implemented and begun. With each passing year, engineers can see their incomes rise almost 14 per cent on average.

Surveyors: If you like traveling and enjoy working with maps and designs, you could land a job as a surveyor. Most surveyors are well paid within the construction sector and there are many performance related bonuses for such a position. Large heavy state funded civil construction projects such as dams and bridges have surveyors that work around the clock ensuring the efficient planning of a project. A surveyor’s job often commands niche skills and training.