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Have Core Values to Attract the Right Candidate

Posted on Tuesday, August 11th, 2015 at 1:05 am    

The core values of a company or a person are the beliefs on which the person or the company operates on. The core values are the guiding force that creates a workplace culture for proper operation. Usually expressed as the mission statement of a company, these values should typically be expressed in three to seven words that would precisely and briefly convey the principles of the company.

If you are wondering why the core values are important when it comes to attracting the right candidates, let me explain. Candidates looking for building construction jobs in Florida, look for companies that would suit them best.

Even if the mission of the company is ambitious, it might not mean anything to the candidates. But if the core values are conveyed it becomes easier for the candidates to understand the companies better and relate with it.

For instance the core value of Apple computers, which says “A commitment to innovation and excellence”, goes to say a lot about how the company operates. Similarly, as a construction company, your core values should be reflected in your working environment that would attract the right candidates. Any good building construction executive recruiter in Florida should understand the core values of a construction company first, before finding the perfect candidate for the company.

As a construction company, if you want to attract the best candidates looking for building construction jobs Florida, it is important to first identify your fundamental principles. The company goals should be based on them. The core values should be able to lead to the progress of your business and well as that of those involved in it. Carefully decide on the words that will convey your principles and be able to lead your business forward.

For instance, including the word innovation in your company core value is good, as long as innovation takes your company forward. But if you find that your company thrives with stability rather than innovation, it is better to avoid the word, however attractive it might sound as a core value.

As a reliable building construction executive recruiter in Florida, it is important that you find out if a company really lives up to their core values. Find out how the company operates, as well as the internal work culture and if these truly follow the stated ethics of the company. Remember, that the job seekers depend on you to connect them with the right establishment.