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Five Reasons 2015 Will Be a Great Year for Construction Estimators

Posted on Friday, February 13th, 2015 at 5:46 am    

According to a very recent talk held with Doyle Phillips, it was found and discussed that one of the most important key role in the upcoming years in the construction industry would that be of the construction estimators. According to his research and reports, there will be a growth of 26% in between the years 2012 and 2022.

Who is Doyle Philips? He is the first Vice President of the American Society of Professional estimators and also a certified professional estimator. 2015 is supposed to be a year full of advantages for the construction industry professionals. If you are in the construction industry too, you would want to know how the year can be advantageous for your job and your domain.

Here are some of the reasons mentioned below, just for you:

The growth in the job: as per the statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor, the employment in this sector is about to increase up to 26% from 2012 to 2022. This growth percent is much higher than other jobs of course.

The range of salary offered: The construction estimators are considered as the core employees of any construction business. They are the ones who can create an impact on the overall success or the failure of the company. It is not easy to find experienced and expert construction estimators, especially the ones who belong to the upper echelon. Thus, you need to hire a good recruitment agency for fulfilling your company vacancy for construction executive jobs. This is where the construction executive headhunters agency come into play their role.

The construction executive headhunters is a well known and reputed consultancy firm that deals with jobs in all domains like construction, engineering, etc.

Coming back to the potential of the jobs that are on a high in 2015, construction estimators are making the cut as the highest growth in the job sector. If you are a construction estimator or you are a part of the construction industry, and have ample experience in the domain, this is the right time to get placed at upper echelon of the construction industry. How to go about it? It’s simple, just drop your CV and other credentials to Construction executive headhunters and wait for them to give you a call. They will certainly help you get some excellent opportunities in the construction executive jobs that are available at present so that you can bag yourself a great job.