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How To Find The Best Employees For New Technical Jobs At Construction Firms?

Posted on Monday, December 22nd, 2014 at 7:53 am    

The process of scouring for the best employees in any industry is far from being a cakewalk. As an executive recruitment firm, we have faced several challenges over the years and our experience has enabled us to acquire the knowledge of resolving such issues quickly. Recent times have seen a spurt in the demand of web and graphic designers and new media specialists in the construction sector. Most organizations have included social media in their marketing plans and are attempting to woo prospective clients through their online presence. One needs to keep in mind that all employees in the construction industry, especially the ones hired for technical positions, requires in-depth knowledge. Moreover technology keeps evolving at a rapid pace and a professional in this field needs to constantly imbibe in the advancements in their respective field. Here are a few methods which recruiters can employ to make the process simpler.

Past work experience

At the executive level, it is imperative that you need to look at the previous work experience and work samples of the prospective candidate. There are several means to carry out these pre-screening process. Check if the candidate has a website of his/her own and if the portfolio is updated on that website. Proper reference checks mandatory since it casts an insight into whether the prospective employees are adept at carrying out their functions properly or not. Word-of-mouth referrals from your network can also come in handy. This is a good time to refect on the advantages of building a good network. Network with people especially when you are not looking out actively for a specific requirement. That way you will not need to reach out to strangers when you need help urgently.Your network can steer you in the right direction in case the need arises.

Social Media

A person’s social media profile speak volumes about the type of person he or she is. Apart from the professional network of LinkedIn, the platforms of Facebook and Twitter also lead you to the right people. The testimonials on LinkedIn are particularly helpful while recruiting. Specific sites like DevianArt is a haven for designers, illustrators and photographers and is a ready pool of potential candidates for you.

Simple Internet Search

Since all new media professionals are adept at marketing themselves through online media, simple google searches will also yield relevant results for you.

These tips would definitely go a long way in making this process of executive recruiting for technical jobs in the construction industry relatively simpler.