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Construction hunters – Best Recruiter for Project Executive Recruitment

Posted on Monday, December 22nd, 2014 at 8:25 am    

Where does our expertise lies?

We are full service Search and Recruiting firm and we specialize in catering to the recruitment needs across Executive levels in industries of construction, architecture, engineering, and real estate. We work in tandem with the fact that this industry is a fast paced and dynamic one and that time plays a very crucial role. This has helped us in driving successful recruitments for reputed client organizations over the years. Our seasoned team members guide our clients through each and every step of the talent acquisition process. Be it identifying, attracting or retaining talent, we provide efficient and effective service to our clients. The core values of professionalism, ethics, empathy and commitment are deeply rooted in our organization and is the primary reason for our successful endeavors.

How are our services different from that of our peers?

Identification of top quality talent within a short time period is not possible without a strong network and an available candidate pool. Often, it is found that the right candidates are not the ones who actively seek for new job opportunities. The success of a recruitment firm lies in spotting and identifying those able candidates whose resumes are not readily available for consideration. Our years of experience has helped us create strong bonds within the industry. Our network steers us in the right direction whenever an urgent requirement comes along and hence we are able to close most vacancies within a short time period. We are considered to be trustworthy since we maintain confidentiality guidelines for both employees and the employers. It is our constant endeavor to project only those candidates as prospective employees to our client organizations who would stick to the same. This is reflected in the 92 per cent retention rate at the two year mark. We provide services on both, contingent and retained basis and stand by our client till the recruitment process is complete.

Our Services in the sector of Building Construction Project Executive Recruitment

Recruitment for Project Executives is a very interesting yet challenging task and we daresay that we excel in it. The real estate industry abides by strict deadlines in spite of any delay occurring along the way. It is the job of the project executive to tide over all crisis and guide the project to completion within the stipulated time period. They oversee the project and performs the dual duty of looking over the project team and handling business considerations. Hence, apart from technical knowledge, project executives also need to posses a sharp business acumen and quick decision making ability. While fulfilling their responsibility, they need to imbibe in and align themselves with the organization’s goals.

Our years of experience has empowered us with the knowledge of what it takes to succeed as a project executive and we screen candidates accordingly. We have a well defined set of qualifiers which helps us assess the candidates. Among others, we stress on –

  • Organizational and team management skills
  • Relevant experience in project management
  • Business acumen
  • Flexibility and ability to handle stressful situation
  • Listening and motivational skills


This selection process is responsible for catapulting us to the forefront as one of the most trusted Project Executive Recruiters.