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7 Construction Project Management Tips and Strategies

Posted on Monday, July 18th, 2016 at 3:51 am    

Construction industry is different from other sectors; construction projects are usually large in terms of budget and resources, built on-site, and time-bound. Below we’ll discuss 7 secrets to become a successful construction projection manager-

1. Prepare a work plan

Effective construction project managers (PMs) take a proactive approach from the moment they’re appointed. They define the goals and scope of the project clearly. This gives the team members a clear picture of the milestones, timeline and the objectives of the project.

2. Use technology to monitor the costs

When it comes to budget, good construction project managers have realistic expectations and keep room for unexpected costs. Good Collaborative Work Management (CWM) tool helps them keep track of the finances while coordinating with each member involved.

3.Manage the work plan

It is essential to review the work plan every day to keep a track of the progress in terms of schedule and budget. A successful construction PM determines the activities and updates his/her work plan regularly.

4. Identify the Risks

Project managers are able to foresee the risks and take prior steps to curb them. Even during the project, they conduct a regular risk assessment to determine any potential risks that are to be mitigated.

5. Manage changes

Changes in construction projects are common; they can occur at any stage of the project and if not resolved through a formalized change management process can lead to contract disputes.

6.Promote Teamwork

Good team management is the core of a successful project. A good construction PM maintains a proper flow of teamwork to avoid problems that might result from resentment among team members.

7. Have a clear vision

Even before construction project managers start work, they consider the wider implications of the project. This can be anything from how a particular design affects the cohesion of the building to how to implement environment-friendly policies. A clear vision regarding the project is a money and time saver in the long run.

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