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5 Things That Makes a Successful Construction Recruiter

Posted on Thursday, October 29th, 2015 at 3:12 am    

If you are a recruiter in the construction industry, you should be reading this. The construction industry is full of challenging jobs and you need a particular set of skills and traits to be able to find candidates that have a successful work history at a construction company. Many executive recruiters fill their days with hiring mid-level and management staff for construction companies. No matter how clear a job description is, you may still have to go above and beyond in becoming an ideal construction recruiter.

1. To begin with, as a recruiter for this industry, you need to look for candidates in the right places. Successful recruiters do not just fill vacancies, but give solutions to long term challenges of companies. If you are hiring for an infrastructure project, you should search for people who have construction expertise in that particular area of expertise.

2. For most positions, it is important that the candidate is also physically up for the job. You have to recruit candidates and meet them in person before you zero in on a fit for a heavy construction project. Look for essential abilities in a construction worker. Qualities such as patience and perseverance, strong work ethic and grit are important when you hire a construction worker.

3. Most candidates do not accept rejection well. Headhunters that choose candidates that have been rejected in the past but now stand a chance for a new opportunity. You must play the role of a negotiator well. Almost all head-hunters forget the art of negotiating. It is a must trait in the business.

4. It is important that as a head-hunter to exude confidence and trust to construction candidates. Many workers go on a job hunting spree with little or no results. As a true negotiator you should be able to win the trust of candidates before they land a job.

5. Choose candidates that have the right attitude and are less motivated by money. This has proven to be a better formula that results in better outcomes. A construction headhunter that has thorough knowledge of the industry and the construction trade will produce better results than a non-industry-specific one. Your personality and knowledge should win the trust candidates and hiring managers.  You should understand the requirements of the client company. This are things that are important for hiring talent for the construction industry.