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5 Skills That Effective Construction Executives Possess

Posted on Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 at 3:32 am    

The skills that an efficient construction executive must possess are many and varied, covering the whole gamut of human personality. Here we discuss 5 key skills that help construction executives in keeping their projects on track and on budget:

1. They regularly communicate

They communicate regularly with their employees. He/she holds regular meetings and discusses the ongoing processes with the team members. This is essential to keep the team members motivated and informed about the various stages of the project.A survey conducted by Gallup named State of the American Manager
found that employee engagement is highest when the managers regularly communicated with the team members. A good construction executive communicates clearly and effectively.

They ensure that each and every team member has a clear understanding of the message. They know how to deliver both good and bad news or any changes in the project. Also, they know what message needs to be delivered to whom and how.

2. Positive Attitude

Construction executives work under high pressure. Unanticipated problems and delays are common in any construction work. However, a construction executive can successfully combat these with a positive attitude. A positive attitude keeps their spirit high, boosts confidence and helps them think clearly.

3. Good Problem Solving skills

Challenges and obstructions are inevitable in any construction project. Anything can go wrong at any point of time. Great construction executives have good problem solving skills that help them adapt to various situations. For instance, construction projects might face problems such as delay in delivery of equipment and materials. Such incidents can delay the work. Superior problem solving skills based on proper re-evaluation of the situation can save the situation.

4. Assessment skills

Good assessment skills help the construction executive gain deeper insights into the nature of work and take care of the technical details. For instance, a construction project has to comply with the building regulations, safety code and other legal requirements. An efficient construction executive has to assess these requirements properly before the work starts so that the project doesn’t face any hurdles later.

5. Team player

A construction project is a team game and a good construction executive understands this. He/she fosters an environment where each member can work together and achieve the goals. Simple words of appreciation to the workers or spending time with them at the construction site can lift up their spirit and motivate them to work hard.

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