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4 Signs That Show Heavy Civil Recruiters in California are Filling Hard to Fill Jobs and Care About Your Career Search

Posted on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015 at 6:22 am    

Working in the heavy construction and manufacturing industry in California can be a tough job. Some heavy civil recruiters are “not-so-genuine” recruiters who do a disservice to their candidates. You have to be skeptical and try to gauge the mood of your recruiter. Here are 4 signs that should tell you if your recruiter truly cares for you, the candidate, or is it just a hogwash!

1. To begin with, is your recruiter taking ample amount of time learning about you as a candidate? You should ask yourself this question whenever you are dealing with your recruiter. You should be able to meet your recruiter and feel happy about your relationship. If the recruiter regularly calls you and requests permission before he represents you to a probable client, then this is a sure sign of a mutually beneficial relationship. Asking for permission before and often seeking written consent is the way ethical recruiters work.

2. The next best thing to ask yourself is whether your recruiter is asking the right questions about you and helping to promote your name for the right vacancies. If he is just submitting your resume, he is actually doing a disservice to his profession. Understanding your skills and interest before anything else is key to finding the best fit. It’s not about getting a job but about getting the right job. If the recruiter calls and emails relevant jobs, he is obviously taking an interest in you and your career search.

3. A good recruiter will sift through all jobs for you. He will do whatever it takes to choose the right candidate. Your goals as a candidate is paramount. These need to be articulated. This is nowhere more relevant than in the heavy industries and construction. The market demands more labor and engineers who are skilled. How much does your recruiter know about industry trends and your expertise?

4. Whether or not the recruiter talks to you at every stage of the interview or the face to face discussion with the client serves to show if he or she is really interested in you and not just about the fee he received to fill the job. See if your heavy civil construction recruiters pass all information about you to the client or business, regardless of the outcome. What is his or her nature while you are in the midst of the process?