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3 Things to remember when searching for construction architecture jobs in Illinois

Posted on Monday, September 14th, 2015 at 2:12 am    

There has been much frustration in securing jobs in the construction architecture space in Illinois in the past few years. Many candidates seek out their dream jobs but their expectations typically unreasonably high which leads to frustration and disappointment. The idea most candidates have in their minds is about getting a job and not about staying in a career. Choosing the correct path in architecture is an absolute must. Many companies hire people but few meet the highest standards in the industry. Successful fills are about the right fit in the roles that matter to the human resource professionals in a company. It is a tough world out there for architecture graduates looking for full time careers.

Here are a few things to remember before you begin your search for a job as an architect:

1. Gain hands on experience in an architecture firm. If you work in the trenches in the business, you learn the necessary skills needed to be successful. To fully understand the job, you need to learn your trade first before simply joining a company as a manager. You will gain your employer’s trust and that is a measurable achievement you cannot skip. If you start on the ground floor you will gain the knowledge and skills to be a successful manager later on. Learning the architect’s craft is paramount.

2. Don’t simply choose a job, choose a career. This is a mantra that will help you run the distance in your career as in your life. You should be able to fit into a job well. And in this case, a construction architect’s job is all about growing your portfolio that will give you valuable expertise above others. You need to model your career path and stay flexible. If you show signs of flexibility, your employer will take notice and offer you upward mobility, perks and bonuses. Finding your niche is key. The unique style you exhibit will make you stand out from the crowd.

3. Show a willingness to work with different people. A common error we all make is that we become stagnant in our roles and believe that once we achieve certain successes we may fall into a comfort zone. Many time we become complacent and don’t seek out new roles and difficult assignments. Remember that what is appealing may be so in the short term, but doing what is difficult or unknown can increase your professional expertise. Bringing passion and uniqueness to your career is key.