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3 Things Corporate Recruiters and Third-Party Recruiters Have In Common

Posted on Wednesday, March 11th, 2015 at 7:25 am    

With the dramatic increase in the starts of new construction projects so to has the use of outside construction recruiters to help attract top talent.  According to research performed on 4,000 corporate Human Resources Managers and recruitment service providers, it was found that in spite of having obvious differences, US corporate and third-party recruiters had certain things in common.

1. Significant Growth

The first similarity between the two groups is that both have reported a sharp increase in the hiring and placement over the past year. Almost 90% of corporate recruiters and 96% of 3rd party recruiters have reported that they’ll be hiring the same or more professionals in the coming year. There’s a dark side to every great story and the bad news is that, there has been no significant growth in terms of recruiting budgets. Among all the top recruitment firms, 51% have reported an increase in their budgets. The same has been seen for only 34% of corporate recruiters.

2. Passive Candidates

Both corporate recruiters and recruitment firms have focused on passive candidates. Finding ways to connect to passive candidates has been a top trend this year. Construction companies are known to have benefited from the immense industry knowledge that these passive candidates have. With new construction companies showing significant new starts this year the demand for passive candidates is on the rise. Because companies with exceptionally skilled workforces are bound to excel and pass their competition they are becoming more focused on this previously neglected pool of talent. The construction recruitment services prioritize utilizing social and professional networks to augment communication with passive candidates. But corporate recruiters and third party recruiters find ways to source such talents. Either way it is clear, the demand for passive talents is at an all time high.

3. Branding

Branding is another important read that most 3rd party and corporate recruiters have neglected in the past but are beginning to pay more attention to as the market heats up. Both groups believe that in today’s competitive world, branding is crucial when attempting to become the employer of choice for experienced talent. 80% of recruitment firms and 85% of corporate recruiters have reported investing in branding initiatives for their organizations. Online professional networks were among the top channels that both groups used for brand building.

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, the main similarity between these two groups is that they try to connect with the best prospective talents in the industry. Both work to help people find their desired jobs that offer ultimate job satisfaction. If you are looking to hire employees for your firm, contact us at 214-935-3626 now.