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Heavy Civil Senior Project Manager Recruiters

A strong project management team can save a company time, money, and the stress of poor team communication. With a good senior project manager at the head of a team, work flow can prove more consistent and overall efficiency can drastically increase. However, vacancies in these positions can have problematic consequences for a company.

If you need to hire a new senior project manager and want to avoid the hassle and resource drain of going through the recruitment process on your own, we can help. For more information regarding how we can locate talent that meets what you’re looking for in a project manager, contact our heavy civil senior project manager recruiters of Construction Hunters today at 214-935-3626.

What We Search For in a Senior Project Manager

As a high-level executive within the project management team, it’s expected that a senior project manager will have both the necessary leadership and technical skills to complete their daily and long-term tasks. That’s why we look for the following when recruiting a senior project manager:

  • Ability to communicate with team members and between teams
  • Ability to stay on schedule, on budget, and delegate reasonable amounts of labor
  • Strong understanding of alternate project solutions in case of an emergency
  • Strong understanding of each part of a heavy civil construction project’s role
  • Necessary workplace experience
  • Necessary educational experience

In addition to these qualifications, we look closely at a company’s philosophies, matching candidates who would succeed to those core beliefs. This improves employee and employer satisfaction.

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Recruiting a senior project manager can have a major toll on the time and money your company spends on things other than your projects. To learn more about how we can help you reduce the overall impact of recruitment on your company’s resources, contact a heavy civil senior project manager recruiter of Construction Hunters by calling 214-935-3626 today.