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Heavy Civil Chief Estimator Recruiters

The chief estimator on a project plays a pivotal role in ensuring that a project is carefully planned for and provided with the necessary financial backing to be efficiently completed. Candidates for vacancies in this position need to prove their ability to work well within a larger project team, providing a voice of experience and technical knowledge when most needed. This can make recruiting a difficult and daunting process, but an executive recruiting firm can help.

If your heavy civil construction firm needs to fill a vacancy for a chief estimator, we can assist you through this process and reduce the overall strain of recruitment. For more information regarding our services, contact the heavy civil chief estimator recruiters of Construction Hunters, today at 214-935-3626.

How We Search for Chief Estimators

Heavy civil construction projects require a significant amount of data regarding prospective costs and project labor times. An estimator can gauge the speed and cost of a project, as well as potential concerns that should be addressed by engineers or other team members.

To find a candidate for vacancies in this position, we look for the following:

  • Work experience with estimation
  • Strong team communication skills
  • Clear grasp of technical skills
  • Ability to explain possible outliers or otherwise unexpected concerns
  • Willingness to adapt to specific constraints or requirements
  • Necessary educational requirements

In addition to these crucial skills and prerequisites, we evaluate how well a candidate seems to match a company’s core values and beliefs. This can be very important to make sure a candidate succeeds and works well with others on a team.

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Recruiting for a new chief estimator to join your team can be a difficult task. However, our experience and reliability in heavy civil recruitment can ease this process for you and your company, letting you put more time and effort in your company’s projects. To learn more about our services and how we can help, contact a heavy civil chief estimator recruiter of Construction Hunters, by calling 214-935-3626 today.