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Heavy Civil Construction Business Development Manager Recruiters

It’s important for a construction firm to stay on top of potential business opportunities while strengthening their relationships with current and previous clients. This need to keep the business in motion, moving towards more projects and improved client satisfaction, is precisely why a vacancy in a business development manager position can hurt a company. Without the sharp mind of an experienced business development manager to push forward new business-end solutions, a company’s prospects can slow down, making a healthy business stagnant.

If you’re looking for someone with the skill and understanding needed to fulfill your business development needs, we can find you a candidate for that position. To learn more about our talent acquisition services, contact a heavy civil construction business development manager recruiter from Construction Hunters today at 214-935-3626.

Expectations for a Business Development Manager

At Construction Hunters, we locate top-quality candidates with necessary on-the-job experience and a strong, solutions-oriented work ethic. In particular, we look for the following qualifications and expectations for our business development manager candidates:

  • Illustrates a history of expanding client relationships
  • Illustrates a history of maintaining client satisfaction
  • Displays particularly strong negotiation and communication skills
  • Shows willingness to reach out, including through travel, to discuss projects with clients
  • Both develops and follows through on business and market share growth plans
  • Balances excellent managerial skills with good technical knowledge

It’s also crucial for a business development manager to show a good connection to a company’s core values, as any prospective strategies should be in line with company-wide goals. We look at matching these candidates with the proper companies, sharing overall business philosophies and core values.

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We understand that the recruitment process can be a frustrating, resource-consuming grind. That’s why we provide a high-quality service that removes a business’s reliance on recruiting their own talent. For more information about how we can find you the right candidate for your development needs, contact the heavy civil construction business development manager recruiters of Construction Hunters by calling 214-935-3626 today.