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Heavy Civil Construction Assistant Superintendent Recruiters

An assistant superintendent on a heavy civil construction site plays a vital role in keeping day-to-day operations running smoothly and according to schedule and budget. Often working in conjunction with a project management team, an assistant superintendent needs to balance their scheduling responsibilities carefully with their on-site direction of project workers. A vacancy in this role can greatly damage the efficiency and speed of a construction project, hurting a company financially.

If you need to hire an assistant superintendent to keep your heavy civil projects running on schedule and make sure every part of the project is coordinated properly, we can help you find the right candidate for the position. To learn more about our recruitment services and how they can benefit your company, contact a heavy civil construction assistant superintendent recruiter at Construction Hunters today by calling 214-935-3626.

Our Qualifications for Candidates

Assistant superintendents are often delegated important responsibilities from a project superintendent and may even be asked to work in close communication with a project management team member. This means that candidates for an assistant superintendent position should be able to fulfill management expectations as well as illustrate strong communication skills. In particular, we look for the following qualifications:

  • Ability to find laborer solutions to keep work on schedule
  • Ability to find solutions that fit with project budgets
  • Strong organizational skills in scheduling workers
  • Great work ethic in dealing with delegated tasks
  • Good communication skills, especially when dealing with other project teams
  • A good understanding of what permits are needed for a project and how to obtain them

We look for highly motivated candidates with a strong positive attitude to fill an assistant superintendent vacancy, as we know these employees often have some of the biggest impact on the organization of a project.

Contact Us

The process of finding the right candidate for an assistant superintendent vacancy can be a long, resource-draining one. Our experienced recruiters can help, however. For more information regarding our full range of services and how we can strengthen your team, contact the heavy civil construction assistant superintendent recruiters from Construction Hunters at 214-935-3626 today.